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The old man is carefully used to use fat sea cautiously

In daily life, people treat sore throat and sputum, and often choose licorice or fat sea, because these two medicines are more convenient to take.

However, this approach seems to be biased in Chinese medicine. Licorice has the effect of reducing phlegm. If phlegm is sticky, it can not be spit out, and taking licorice can be used to vomit, but it can only be spit out, but it is just phlegm and does not get rid of it.The role of sputum, so the cure is not cured.

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The old man is carefully used to use fat sea cautiously

The fat sea should not be taken by the elderly, because although Fat Sea has expels the sputum, it is only effective for phlegm caused by lung heat.Essence

There is a prescription for “universal” prescriptions, and various sputum can be treated through its addition and subtraction. This is the so -called “Erchen Soup”.

Specific methods: 10 grams each in Pinellia, Orange Red, 9 grams of Poria, 4.5 grams of licorice.Decoction warm clothes.It has the effects of dampness and phlegm, qi and qi.

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