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The old man is particular about anti -low back pain

The doctor pointed out that the cushion must be placed on the waist first, and it is incorrect to put it on the back. It is because there are 5 lumbar spines of normal human body. Because of physiological needs, they do not grow on a straight line, but are protruding forward convex protrusions in the middle. From the side, the lumbar spine is like a small slope. Due to this physiological characteristics, the waist and back cannot be placed in the same plane.

Therefore, the correct sitting position should be, raising your chest, when you need a chair, the waist is straight, leave the back of the chair, and sit back as possible when you sit on the sofa. Let the hips sit at the bottom of the sofa surface, and the back is close to the back of the sofa. If a cushion is placed on the waist, the waist can be effectively supported, maintaining the forward flexion of the lumbar spine, the pressure of the lumbar spine and the waist muscles, reducing the strain, increasing somatosensory comfort, preventing and improving lumbar spine discomfort, stabilizing the spine to stabilize the spine benefit. The second is that the cushion should not be too thick, and the cushion at a height of 10 cm is better.

In this way, the human body is pressed backwards, which is just 5-8 cm, which is most in line with the physiological bumps of the lumbar spine. Too thick can cause excessive forward flexion of the lumbar spine.

(Editor in charge: Teng Xiaolan Intern Editor: Li Jianping)

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