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The old man uses medicine to prevent these bad habits

Poor medication habits not only delay the patient’s condition, but may even bring danger of life. In the habits of medication, the medication habits of the elderly most need attention. People’s Daily Online reported that a 78 -year -old wife had a case of 78 -year -old wife who caused renal failure due to excessive calcium supplement. Therefore, it is important to cultivate the correct medication habits of the elderly. The following four misunderstandings need special attention.

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The old man uses medicine to prevent these bad habits

Eat four or five medicines together

Elderly people often have a variety of chronic diseases, and there are many types of medication. But the more the types of medication are used at the same time, the greater the risk of adverse reactions. Therefore, when prescribing the medicine, you must ask Dr. Qing, the medicine that is easy to “fight” is best to interval as much as possible at the time of taking.


Many elderly people have a urgent psychology that hopes to cure as soon as possible. Once the expected efficacy is not achieved in the short term, they will change the hospital, change the medicine, or listen to the credibility. False propaganda, abuse the “ancestor’s secret recipe” and “puzzle puzzle”. As everyone knows, “the disease comes like a mountain, and the disease goes like a silk.” Most chronic diseases have no root treatment. Only by adhering to the medication according to the doctor’s order, and paying attention to improving the lifestyle can we maintain a healthy physical condition as much as possible.

Do not follow the doctor’s order

There are two main cases: oversupply and reduction of medication. The former is because some elderly patients are cured by illness and increased their dosage without authorization. They thought that this can be better, and the result is often the risk of adverse reactions.

Another situation is that the elderly have a certain understanding of the adverse reactions of drugs, worrying about dependence or side effects, reducing the dose of medication without authorization, and even thinking that the symptoms can be discontinued, but the result is delayed.

Disorderly tonic

There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine: ginseng kills, and rhubarb saving people has no merit. It reflects a relatively common prejudice of ordinary people, thinking that no matter how good the nourishment items are represented by ginseng, it is good for the body. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation. Only clear deficiency syndrome needs to take the corresponding supplements. However, it is not advisable to take a long time. Taking long -term use will cause diarrhea, insomnia, nerve allergies, elevated blood pressure, exciting sexual desire, headache, palpitations and other adverse reactions.

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