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The old man’s medication is properly “folded” properly

Everyone knows that children’s weight is lower than adults and weaker metabolism, so the dosage of medication is smaller than adults. However, the elderly often need to reduce the dose when taking medicine. The British “Daily Mail” reported on March 3 that there are three major reasons for the elderly’s medication.

Weak absorption ability. Dr. Chris Fox, an elderly psychiatry consultant at the University of East Angelia University in the United Kingdom, said: “It is usually believed that the elderly’s stomach’s absorption of drugs becomes weakened.” Completely absorbed.

Limited metabolic ability. The metabolic ability of the elderly and the excretion ability of the kidneys must be weakened. After taking the medicine, it takes longer to metabolize and excrete, and increase the burden on liver and kidney. Dr. Ian Medan, a pharmacist of Aston University in the United Kingdom, analyzed: “Generally speaking, the time for drugs to stay in the body will be extended and side effects will be more obvious.”

Drug sensitivity changes. Studies have shown that some drugs may be more effective for the elderly. A recent study involving 30,000 women in Uteliz University in the Netherlands shows that after the age of 65, aspirin has benefited the most, and the probability of gastrointestinal bleeding and other side effects is also low. There are also some drugs for improving sleep more obvious to the elderly. For example, melatonin is often used to treat insomnia, which is effective for patients over 55 years of age, which is related to the rhythm of day and night in the age group and the biological clock. Sperton and other sleeping pills, as well as some anti -anxiety drugs have similar characteristics. When the elderly take these medicines, doctors generally adjust their doses as appropriate. Because while the efficacy is increased, side effects may be more obvious. When the elderly take some anti -allergic drugs, anti -depression, diuretics, and antibroxine drugs, they need to consider side effects. For example, the elderly are more prone to memory disorders, blurred things, constipation, dizziness and dry mouth.

Dr. Medan suggested that doctors should be appropriately reduced according to the age of patients. For example, some sleeping pills, some elderly people can achieve the same effect by halving, and the dosage conference also leads to drowsiness. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society spokesman and the community pharmacist Sudan Damgini said: “People over 65 years old If you take a large number of drugs for a long time, it is likely to interact. For example The role of the elderly suggested that the elderly communicate with the doctor at least once a year, and the doctor should also consult a doctor before adjusting the dose and using the new drug.

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