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The old man’s muscle is Yanshou!These foods are the “favorite” of muscles

Elderly wrestling has a great impact on health, especially fractures, and the health, economy, and spiritual impact brought about by them are extremely bad. Lou Huiling, chief physician of the elderly medical department of the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou, reminded that the fall of the elderly is related to the decline of the muscle. The muscles are dependent on the healthy lip and teeth of the bones. Doing nutritional intake can help prevent elderly muscle disorder and reduce weakness to avoid fracture and wrestling!

You also need to pay attention to maintaining muscles

For muscle, the elderly may think that it has nothing to do with themselves, and feel that muscle exercise is only needed by young talents. In fact, the importance of muscles runs through human life, and the health of the human body is inseparable from the muscles. Therefore, even the elderly, do not ignore the importance of maintaining muscles.

Director Lou Huiling introduced that elderly muscle reduction is a disease that occurs with age and has chronic progress. After 30 years of age, skeletal muscle volume is reduced by 3%-8%. The incidence of people with a 60 -year -olds is 30%, and the incidence of 80 years or above is as high as 50%.

The decline in muscle function will generally affect the following aspects:

1. Decrease in living ability: the stability of bones, closely related to walking ability and self -living ability;

2. Functional recession: Tone is closely related to visceral functions such as muscle and swallowing ability, digestion ability, excretion function, and follow -up function. The decline in muscle function will cause the above function to decline;

3. Place of protein: The decrease in muscle function may cause hypoproteinemia;

4. Big endocrine organs are affected: muscle function decreases, body fat ratio will be affected, which may lead to metabolic abnormalities and cause disease problems such as diabetes.

“Five major factors such as age, physical fitness, lifestyle, living conditions, and chronic diseases are all risk factors that cause muscle laxia.” Director Lou Huiling pointed out that especially the elderly due to their age increase, insufficient protein intake, or reduced activity volume. It is easy to cause lean weight loss, which is particularly prone to muscle muscle disease. For the elderly’s muscle reduction, the families and the elderly around them must be vigilant.

Prevention and treatment of muscle disease, eat more “high -quality protein”

Director Lou Huiling pointed out that “high -quality protein” is given priority to prevent muscle reduction! Supplementary protein and quantitative essential amino acids have obvious benefits to muscle mass and quality. Studies have shown that ordinary diet in bed patients will cause weight loss. If necessary amino acids are added to the diet, you can maintain thin weight.

Prevention of muscle reduction, high -quality protein priority recommendation. Director Lou Huiling gives examples. The animals and plant sources are good. It is best to have two and a half types. The combination of vegetables is the best solution. If it is eating meat, 20 grams of protein is about the size of the poker card. Eating after exercise can promote the digestion of protein. In addition, pay attention to the appropriate amount of vitamin D.

What kind of protein sources are the highest quality? Director Lou Huiling recommended poultry breasts. There is no fat in this part with the most movement of meat and poultry. The other is seafood and fish. For the Chinese, there are also common high -quality protein sources of milk, eggs, and soybeans. For insufficient eating, it is recommended to recommend additional protein powder supplement, especially for milky protein powder.

Director Lou Huiling reminded that some elderly people blindly treat protein powder as the only protein nutrition supplement. This is unscientific and should be fully nutritious. Other elderly people think they are healthy, and they eat egg whites without eating eggs. In fact, this is not the best. Egg yolks are rich in lecithin, sterolic, yolkin, and calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and B vitamin. Egg yolk is a nutritional product with good muscles and bones. The elderly can take appropriate intake daily.

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