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The old man’s physical examination does not ignore the psychology

Back to the old or old or Alzheimer?

The 75 -year -old Mr. Li is very good. In the past a year or two, his family found that some of his living habits and personality have changed: when you see people always love to laugh; If you like to eat, you must eat enough, and sometimes fight with your grandson. The family is worried that eating too much will not let him eat. He is still angry and has no way to get up the Dongzang he likes to eat.

As the saying goes, “Old and young”, the family feels that the old man is older, and his personality is more and more like a child. He feels that this is normal and didn’t care. However, some time ago, the old man suddenly fell. Fortunately, someone next to him quickly sent him to the hospital. The CT examination of the brain found that there was a slight infarction. After treatment, the elderly’s condition was relieved. The family introduced the phenomenon of “old and young” to the doctor. The doctor combined with the brain CT diagnosed, and believed that some of the abnormal manifestations of the elderly may be a precursor to vascular dementia.

Each year’s physical examination, it is necessary to check intelligence

The cause of dementia is multi -faceted. Age, genetic, brain diseases, etc. are all risk factor, and clinical cerebrovascular dementia accounts for the largest proportion. According to statistics, there are currently more than 5 million dementia patients in my country, and the older the age, the higher the proportion of Alzheimer’s dementia. Among people aged 60 to 70, 10%will suffer from dementia, while more than 30%over 80 years old or more People will suffer from dementia.

The Department of Brain Diseases suggested that when the elderly conduct a medical examination each year, it is best to go to the neurology (the Department of TCM) to do a intelligent status of intelligent status. If the elderly have a decline in memory and the ability to daily life, if you do not buckle, go to the toilet, you can’t find the door, you will not wear it yourself, etc., it is best to have a brain magnetic resonance examination to see if there are cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage Or brain atrophy, these symptoms can cause dementia.

Physical examination must not only check physiology, but also check psychology

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In addition to concerned about the health of the elderly, the mental health of the elderly is also important. There are many elderly people who live alone, and they will appear lonely and lonely without their children. Moreover, there will be some problems with the greater growth of the body, which will make the elderly more lonely. In this mental state, severe depression may occur over time. Emotional depression is low, pessimistic, disappointment, do not want to go out, do not want to contact people, etc., which will affect physical health, experience hypertension, digestive disorders, poor sleep, etc.

The doctor suggested that it is also necessary to do a mental health system for the elderly’s physical examination. This test only takes 15-20 minutes.

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