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The older the woman is older, the more eager for the life of the husband and wife.

Just as described in the lyrics, “the more you grow older, the more lonely, the more you grow older,” many women have worked hard to raise their children, and they used to be in the family. Now they have finally ushered in their own time, butHowever, you will feel inexplicable emptiness and loneliness. When you go to a certain age, you seem to be constantly verifying the authenticity of “women’s thirty like wolves, forty like tigers”.

In real life, most husbands and wives have reached a certain age, and the relationship between the two people has changed from love to affection. It lacks the longing for the life of the husband and wife.There is a life of husband and wife every few months.So, is it an old age without the need for “that way”?

The older the woman is older, the more eager for the life of the husband and wife.

Husband and wife have the highest frequency in 20 years of sexual life

The American sex scientist Kim Sai has done a survey that the older the husband and wife, the lower the frequency of sexual life.The 20-30-year-old couple lives about 3 times a week, and the 31-40-year-old couples have about 2 husbands and wives, and the 41-50-year-old couples have about 1-2 sexual life per week, 51-55The age of the age has a sexual life about once a week.

However, due to the differences in individuals, the frequency of sexual life between different people is different, and there are surveys in the United States that only 8%of men and 7%of women live more than 4 times a week, 16%of men and 18%of men and 18%.Women have only a few sexual life a year.

Most studies have shown that the frequency of husband and wife life decreases with the increase of marriage age.However, some studies have pointed out that the most frequent sexual life in 15-20 years after marriage is the highest.

Ms. Zhou, 35:

Ms. Zhou has been married for 5 years. From the perspective of outsiders, Ms. Zhou loves each other with her husband and is harmonious.In Ms. Zhou’s view, women are older than men. After getting old, the desire for husband and wife life is generally not so high.

However, she has paid great attention to health for many years and will regulate her emotions. Therefore, she rarely occurs in estrogen disorders. She is very harmonious with her husband in terms of husband and wife life.Contrary to Ms. Zhou, her girlfriend Xiaomi has caused decline in sexual desire due to the pressure of work and living pressure and endocrine disorders.

In fact, women are 30 to 45 years old. Even if they have work and life, they still have beautiful fantasy and desire for sex, and there are still many sex hormones. Therefore, the desire for husband and wife life does not have to be young.It’s less time.

The older the woman is older, the more eager for the life of the husband and wife.

40 -year -old Ms. Zhao:

Since marrying her current husband, Ms. Zhao has become a full -time housewife and has taken care of her family.Although she did not contact the workplace anymore, Ms. Zhao could always find a topic to talk to the other half.

At the weekend, their husband and wife always drove together and took their children to the surrounding resort to take a vacation. The relationship was very good.Due to the harmonious life of the husband and wife, Ms. Zhao, who was nearly 40 years old, looked less than 30.

What is even more envious of peers is that every time she lives in her husband and wife, Ms. Zhao can always enjoy it, and afterwards, she carefully discusses the lack of husband and wife’s life with her husband.Entering the age of forty years old, bid farewell to the greenness and immatureness of the 20s, there is no pressure to work and life, the relationship with her husband is more intimate, and I also know how to enjoy in the life of husband and wife.

Ms. Chen, 52:

After his son went to college, Ms. Chen finally didn’t have to be busy, and she had time to cultivate her hobbies.With the support of her family, Ms. Chen opened a flower shop and invited a clerk.

She went to the store every day, and she was pleasing to the eye when she watched it.Although menopause, Ms. Chen is quite experienced in the life of her husband and wife.

She said that she would no longer worry about her children, her family is happy and happy, and has more private space and time. She will “come” with her husband almost every week, and the duration is basically more than 30 minutes.For Ms. Chen, menopause is not a trough of life, but she realizes the importance of her husband and wife.

The older the woman is older, the more eager for the life of the husband and wife.

With these 4 methods, “acting” is more harmonious

Moderate life of couples is good for the physical and mental health of both parties and promoting family harmony.The life of husband and wife is not exclusive to young people. For middle -aged and elderly couples, the pressure of family and workplace is greater, so it is necessary to communicate and communicate in depth with close people.

However, in the life of husband and wife, middle -aged and elderly couples will encounter physical discomfort and physical strength. If you use the right method, you can also get a better sense of experience.

First, the drug intervention is appropriately carried out. Middle -aged and elderly couples generally have problems such as male erectile dysfunction and female vaginal relaxation and dryness when they live. If the situation is particularly serious, you can consult a professional doctor to interfere with drugs. Be careful not to take medicine without permission.

Secondly, the life of husband and wife requires greater physical strength. With the age of age, middle -aged and elderly couples are more likely to feel fatigue. Therefore, the life of husband and wife can choose to do it in the morning. The morning is more energetic, the life of the husband and wife can be longer and the quality is higher.

Third, pay attention to the foreplay and afterwards, the foreplay can caress and kiss the other half. Through the intimate contact of the skin, the desire of the two parties should not be rushed to go to the toilet or take a bath.Evaluation of performance in order to enhance the understanding of the other half and help improve the quality of husband and wife life.

Fourth, reduce expectations, do not force yourself how long it must be maintained, or must be reached. As long as both parties are satisfied, the purpose of husband and wife life is achieved.Reducing expectations can avoid excessive psychological pressure and affect the life of husband and wife.In fact, no matter how old you are, the demand for that party will not decrease.If the frequency of husband and wife life is reduced due to age or physical reasons, it affects family harmony, and can actively find ways to solve it so that the life of the husband and wife can reach a more ideal state.

The older the woman is older, the more eager for the life of the husband and wife.

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