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The pelvic deformation will cause feminin to obese and sit in a positive posture.

Many people have these bad habits: involuntarily stir up Erlang’s legs, lean on the bedside to play mobile phones, hold your head with your head and read a book, sleep on the sofa armrest … Everyday’s bad sitting posture will lead to pelvic expansion outside the pelvis. Even deformation, light causes obesity, and the severe bone deformed.

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As an organ that supports the upper body of the human body and the lower body, the importance of the pelvis is self -evident. In order to ensure that the pelvic tightening does not deform, it is necessary to develop the correct sitting posture, and always pay attention to stretching the back muscles of the back and keep the upper body straight.

What are the disadvantages of pelvic deformation:

The lower abdomen is slightly convex, there is no curve


Hip expansion

Eight outside thighs

Deformation of the legs, ankle obesity

There is a sign of deformed pelvis:

Touch on both sides of your waist with your hands, whether it is thin and thin on one side.

Lie on the bed on the back, relax your lower limbs, and see if the angle of the left and right ankles inclined is inconsistent.

Lie on the bed flat and see if the waist is suspended. The middle of the waist is in the middle of the bed, is it an object that can be placed in the size of an egg.

Look at the mirror below your waist, whether there are asymmetric situations on both sides, such as whether the legs are prominent and the hips on both sides are as large.

From the side, the curve curve of the waist and hips is too large (the hips look particularly tilted on the side, and the back of the waist is very large).

If your answer is yes, then it means that your pelvis has been deformed. The more yes, the more the deformed deformation.

At this time, it is best to find a fitness coach. Please help you tailor the training plan. More than 70 % of the mild pelvic deformation can be repaired through exercise.

What should I do if mild pelvis deformation:

What can I do to correct the pelvis? You can try simple and effective “lying lying correction”.

First roll the towel into the shape of the pillow, and then lie down and lay tightly, put the rolled towel under the pelvis. This can tighten the pelvis while stretching the spine and eliminate the fat on the stomach.

Then, hold your head straight, touch your feet to the toe, and the heels can be separated by the shape, which helps to get the ribs.

Finally, the toes of the feet are touched, and the heels are separated by the shape, which can effectively tighten the hip joint and speed up the pelvic tightening process.

Avoid pelvic deformation starting from changing bad habits:

Don’t underestimate these bad habits of usual. Only with the usual little bit of usual, can you create your perfect pelvis.

Wear high heels

High heels can make our instep elegantly and make their legs more slender. However, because the heels of high heels have a certain height, it will tilt the body and increase the burden on the legs and pelvis. The pelvis will also be tilted. After a long time, the pelvis will be shifted. Dislays, increase the chance of infertility. If you must wear high heels, wearing high -heeled shoes every day should not be more than two hours. The heel height is the most appropriate at 3 cm, and it should not exceed 5 cm.

Berki Erlang’s legs

When the legs of the Erlang, the pelvis and hip joints are easily sore due to long -term pressure, and the pelvis is skewed unknowingly. You should try to avoid sedentary, and you must get up for every hour. People sitting for a long time should also maintain the correct sitting position, the waist is straight, the knees are bent naturally, and their feet are kept on the ground.

Don’t kneel on the floor

Sitting on the floor is more likely to cause distortion of body bones than sitting on a chair. Especially the kneeling method of bending outward is particularly not good, so it is easy to deform the pelvis.

Don’t sleep on a soft or strong mattress

Sleeping too soft beds will sink the waist, and the bed that sleeping too hard will compress the pelvic area, which will cause pelvic deformation. The ideal bedding should be moderate soft and hard. When we lie on your back, the body curve and mattress of the body should be fully chimic. The head, face, thorax, and pelvis provide horizontal support for the spine together.

Don’t give the rectification to the body shape

The bodybuilding clothing can correct the pelvic deformation to a certain extent, but never give it all to it, because the tight orthopedic underwear is often worn, which will cause gynecological inflammation due to the tightness of the lower body.

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