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The people around you are yang, and you are not yet yang. What is going on?Or there are 3 possibilities

Do you believe the existence of the new crown virus super immune?

According to the Daily Mail, a 56 -year -old man in the United States can be called the world’s most immune to the new crown virus. His blood dilutes 10,000 times and can kill the new crown virus.Not only that, the antibodies in his body are also particularly strong, and the virus mutant plant also has immune capacity. This ability has been strengthened over time.

It is worth noting that there is no reliable test data source at this statement, nor is it published in an authoritative journal, so reliability has to make a question mark.

However, in daily life, it is not difficult to find that some people do not seem to be infected with the new crown virus until now, without any abnormalities, and can work and learn as usual.

First, the people around you are Yang, why are you okay?

To be sure, many people will infect the new coronal virus.

Feng Zijian, former deputy director of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center and a member of the National New Crown Virus pneumonia joint control mechanism group, pointed out at the report meeting of “How to Facing Omikon Roughly” on the offlineIt is inevitable that infection is inevitable.

According to the calculation of mathematical models, when the first wave of large -scale impact reaches its peak, the infection rate in the crowd may reach 60%, and then gradually falls. In the end, 80%-90%of people may experience infection.

There are three main ways to spread the new crown virus. One is to spread directly, that is, through the respiratory tract droplets and close contact transmission; the other is the transmission of air solution, which generally occurs in a closed space; the third is contact dissemination, that is, after contacting the items contaminated by the virus.Direct communication is the most important way of communication. It is likely that the virus has occurred infected when the two parties communicate with each other.This also means that if someone is infected with the new crown virus, then it has a great probability of being infected.

Why are the people around him, some people are fine yet?

1. Little in contact with virus

The infection virus is infected when it reaches a certain amount, and a small amount of contact will not be infected.

2. Good protection work

For their own antibodies, strong self -immunity, and daily protection measures, such as correctly wearing masks, toiletting hands, maintaining a safe distance, and carrying out home disinfection and room ventilation, then the risk of infection will be greatly reduced.

3. Symptomatic infection

It may also be an asymptomatic infection after the infection.However, due to the low amount of detoxification, the nucleic acid or antigen technology is limited and cannot be detected.

2. Research shows: Some people may not be easily infected with the new crown virus

The new crown virus is very contagious, but some people are the migrant workers of the “selection” and cooking people.Some recent studies have also given reference, these people may not be easy to infect new crowns.

1. Patients with allergic rhinitis

The papers published by Zhao Yu’s team of Earnivals and Throat of Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University pointed out that those who have allergic rhinitis have a low probability of testing positive for new coronary virus, or it can protect the infection of the new crown virus.Researchers believe that might be allergic rhinitis or other related diseases that can reduce the expression of vascular tensional converter enzyme 2, thereby providing a certain degree of protection.

2. People who have been infected with other coronary viruses

Research published in the “Nature” magazine found that 68 new crowns in Germany have not been infected, and their samples have specific T cells that can respond to the new crown virus.Researchers speculated that they were likely to infected other coronary viruses before they were infected with the new crown, which caused “cross -reactivity” immunity.

3. People with gene mutations

Gene mutations are one of the ways to resist viruses in the human body. For example, the new crown virus requires the combination of ACE2 receptor on the surface of the same cell to invade cells. If the ACE2 receptor mutation, the virus cannot find the “pathway” invasion, and the human body cannot be infected with the human body.Essence

Third, people who have not infected, and people who turn overcast, how to prevent infection?

After the first round of peaks, many new crown virus infections have been “Yang Kang”. However, many people are worried that if a new virus strain appears, will you still experience it again?

In this regard, Zhang Boli, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the risk of secondary infection after the yin was 3-6 months lower. The probability of infection with the new crown was mainly related to human immunity level, virus strain mutation, and personal protection.Although the possibility of infection with the same virus mutation strains again, for people with poor immunity, there is still the possibility of secondary infection in the short term.

In order to avoid re -infection, people who turn shade or have not been infected must continue to do personal protection:

1. Do a good job of protection

Sneak in your own, apply paper towels or cuffs to cover your mouth and nose, and throw the used paper towels into a closed trash can.Try to avoid densely crowded public places, we must wear masks to reduce contact risk.

2. Washing your hands frequently

During the cooking period; after sneezing; after taking care of the patient; before the meal, after the meal; after the animal excrement is treated, the hands should be washed in time with soap or handwashing.

3. Reduce contact with wild animals

Try to avoid close contact with breeding or wildlife without protecting the protection, and avoid contact with sick animals and wild animals.

4. Vaccine

Facing the new coronal virus, vaccination is the best protection solution.Several studies have shown that those who vaccinated vaccines, their hospitalization risks, or severe disease and death risk will be relatively reduced than those who have not been vaccinated.In the face of the new situation of the epidemic, you need to work together to facing the new situation of the epidemic.

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