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The precursor of the arrival of cardiovascular disease

Data show that cardiovascular disease has become the “number one killer” for Chinese residents’ health, and everyone should pay attention to their cardiovascular health. Professor Guo Hongwei, executive director of the Chinese Nutrition Society, who has been engaged in nutrition and food health teaching and scientific research for more than 30 years, reminded that if the body often has the following symptoms, it may indicate that your cardiovascular vessels are not so healthy.

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1. I often feel panic and chest tightness;

2. Feel the pain in the front area of ​​the heart or the radioactivity of the left arm;

3. When I got up in the morning, I sat up all at once and felt that the chest was particularly uncomfortable;

4. Smart bone swelling after meals, sometimes cold sweat;

5. Sleeping at night, chest tightness is uncomfortable, you can’t lie flat;

6. When emotional excitement, heartbeat speeds up, and has obvious feelings of chest discomfort;

7. Walking longer or a little speed, feel chest tightness, asthma, and heartbeat;

8. There is a tingling sensation on the chest, usually disappearing in 1-2 seconds;

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9. When climbing the building or doing some of it, it is particularly tired when it is easy to live. It takes a few times to finish it, and it feels stuffy and asthma;

10. All are weak and don’t want to talk more.

Professor Guo believes that various factors such as genetic, gender, age, overweight, hypertension, diabetes, diet, psychology and other factors will affect the cardiovascular. For many uncontrollable factors, we cannot change, such as age and genetic. However, for overweight, diet, etc., by increasing exercise, controlling weight, and changing diet, it can reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular. The way to prevent cardiovascular disease is mainly aerobic exercise. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce fat and cholesterol and supplement vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

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