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The quality of sleep can also affect patients with blood glucose and diabetes to adjust their sleep

Sleep disorders refer to abnormal behavior in the abnormal amount of sleep or during sleep. Common sleep disorders include two categories: one is too much sleep, such as drowsiness or drowsiness caused by endocrine disorders and abnormal metabolism; the other is insufficient sleep or insomnia, which is manifested as difficulty in falling asleep, waking up or early waking up, sleeping time, sleep time Less than 5 hours. The most common and most easily neglected among sugar friends is to block the low ventilation syndrome (OSAHS). Such patients seem to sleep well and snore like thunder, but they cannot really enter sleep.

At present, the prevalence of OSAHS in patients with type 2 diabetes is 23%to 75%; studies by many hospitals such as Beijing Hospital and Peking University People’s Hospital have found that the prevalence of OSAHS in the hospital in my country Nearly 70%, more than half of the sugar friends have other types of sleep disorders, such as insomnia and early awakening. A large number of studies have confirmed that the health of not sleeping is serious and harmful to sugar friends. First, sleep disorders have shortened the effective sleep time, which will inhibit insulin secretion and increase hormone secretion that antagonize insulin, leading to insulin resistance in the body. Second, sleep disorders will affect normal hormone rhythm, such as increased blood glucose hormone (cortisol, etc.) at night, which will cause insulin resistance to intensify in the morning, and the extension of growth hormone secretion time will also cause the body’s blood glucose level to rise high. Third, sleep disorders will change the body’s appetite to regulate hormone secretion, so that people eat too much. At the same time, the amount of activity decreases due to drowsiness and fatigue during the day. This is easy to cause obesity and aggravate insulin resistance.

How can sugar friends sleep better? First of all, sugar friends should restrict the daytime sleep time. Except for the elderly during the day, they can avoid sleeping during the day. Secondly, it is necessary to develop good sleep and hygiene habits, establish a regular life system, and maintain the normal sleep of people. Sugar friends should not read books, watch TV or work in bed. In addition, avoid intake of irritating substances 6 hours before going to bed, such as coffee, alcohol, strong tea or a lot of smoking. Do not perform strenuous exercise before going to bed, do not listen to irritating music such as rock, you can stretch a laziness and relax, or count repeatedly to relax your mood. When you fall asleep, you can choose a comfortable posture such as lying on the right side to avoid sound and light stimulation, calm your heart, eliminate thoughts, and relax your mind. Finally, if there are still symptoms such as insomnia after the above adjustment, you should seek medical treatment in time. If snoring and other symptoms occur, the thyroid function should be detected in time to treat OSAHS, which is caused by or aggravated due to hypothyroidism. If OSAHS is caused by thick mucosa tissue, surgical correction can also be selected. At the same time, pay attention to controlling weight. Those who overweight and obese can lose weight under the guidance of a doctor.

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In addition, sugar friends need to pay attention to sleep safety. Both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes may occur at night hypoglycemia. Studies have shown that type 1 diabetes has higher risk of hypoglycemia at night, and the use of insulin and insulin secretions will further increase this risk. After sleeping at night, it is a high incidence of hypoglycemia. Sugar friends suspected that hypoglycemia should perform night blood glucose monitoring. If necessary, dynamic blood glucose monitoring is clear, but it does not need to be tested all night to avoid affecting sleep. The performance of hypoglycemia at night vary from person to person. Some sugar friends are easily awakened. After waking up, they feel dizzy, panic, tight chest, sweating on the body, etc.; Some have repeated dreams and wake up at night. These people should also pay attention not to do a lot of exercise before going to bed. If necessary, you can consult a doctor and add meals before going to bed.

It should also be noted that type 2 sugar friends may have too high blood sugar at night because the dose of hypoglycemic drugs, too much dinner, and too little exercise after dinner, etc. In the long run Wait. If the blood sugar rises suddenly, acute complications such as diabetic keto acid poisoning may occur, affecting the quality of life and expectations of patients. High blood sugar at night is prone to urine and thirst, which leads to the increase in sugar friends such as toilets and drinking water, affecting sleep. Sugar friends can improve their lifestyle and adjust the treatment plan to control blood sugar to sleep.

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