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The reason why floor heating is unpopular is because of 4 shortcomings, which makes people feel bad

“Recently decoration at home, I want to pretend to be warm, but I won’t let it go at home.



Xiao Ai received a private message from a fan in the background. As soon as it arrived in the cold winter, the southerners always envious of the central heating in the north. In order not to protect the cold and only “trembling”, some families in the south began to install floor heating. According to previous statistics, in November 2019, the sales volume of home radiators increased by 430%year -on -year, and it was Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan and other southern cities such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan.

Nowadays, with the decline in temperature, there are various opinions on the Internet. Some people think that the radiation of the ground heating will cause cancer and kill the essence. Is it really false?

1. How big is the radiation of ground heating? CCTV measurement

If the weather changes, the child in the north has opened up the floor heating early. But as more and more discussions about ground heating, their rumors have emerged endlessly. Will the floor warmth really pose a threat to health?

CCTV’s “Focus Interview” column has invited Dr. Wang Ansheng, an expert in the heating and heating industry to the field for survey experiments. Dr. Wang detected the radiation of the electric floor heating test field through the instrument, and only 0.3 Micro Tesla. In the residential house, the electromagnetic radiation volume was displayed as 0.08 Micro Tesla.

In order to play a contrast, the experiment also detected the radiation value of induction cookers and mobile phones at the same time. It was found that the induction cooker was around 20, and the maximum mobile phone reached 0.39. These data were higher than the ground warming.

Is the ground heating radiation? Does it mean carcinogenic?

Zhang Chenggang, a researcher at the Institute of Radiation and Radiation Medicine of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, pointed out that radiation is divided into multiple types. The radiation divergent of ground heating belongs to non -ionizing radiation. It is only a heat transfer and a non -contact physical heat transfer. At present, there is no study that ground heating is directly related to the disease, and the ground heating radiation is not related to cancer.

In fact, the World Health Organization has issued an evaluation report, mentioning that it is not a problem to encounter low -frequency electric field and magnetic field environment in daily life.

Second, ground heating will accelerate formaldehyde volatilization and induce cancer?

Floor radiation is not carcinogenic, but there are rumors that the temperature of the ground heating will accelerate the volatilization of harmful substances, and it is likely to pose a threat to physical health. How is the truth?

The temperature of the floor will increase the temperature of the room. When the temperature reaches more than 20 ° C, it can accelerate the volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and mirror in the room. When the human body is inhaled for a long time, these toxic gases may cause lung disease and even carcinogenic.

But in fact, research shows that the use of ground heating in winter, the ground temperature is similar to summer, that is, the use of ground heating in winter, the volatilization of harmful substances is actually close to summer, so as long as the indoor ventilation and the quality of the floor are qualified, you don’t need to worry about healthy health. Essence

Third, pretend to be warm, accept these shortcomings

Although the floor heating allows us to spend the winter more comfortably, there are also some shortcomings. Before installing the floor heating, we may wish to see if it is suitable for our family situation.

1. Damage to the floor

If a solid wood flooring is laid, the heat is scattered from the bottom of the floor, which may cause the water inside the solid wood floor to evaporate rapidly, which can easily cause the floor to crack.      

2. Maintenance is difficult

In order to be beautiful, the ground heating system generally uses a hidden construction method. Therefore, once the heating pipe bursts and the water leakage in the house, the maintenance is very troublesome. First of all, it is difficult to find the leakage point. The maintenance room must destroy the ground to repair.

3. People are easy to get angry

The temperature of the ground can cause the inside of the room. If the room does not have a humidifier, it is easy to cause people to cough and catch a cold.

4. It is expensive

The construction and maintenance of the floor heating are difficult, the cost of installation is relatively high, and it is also “burned” to use. The market -related quotation shows that the wall is warm or floor heating. Every 100 square meters of houses take about 1,000 to 1500 yuan per month.

4. What should I pay attention to when using ground heating?

When using floor heating, what other issues need to pay attention to in addition to choosing the right floor?

1. Control temperature

When opening the floor heating for the first time, do not adjust the temperature too high. It is best to increase the water supply temperature at a speed of 5 degrees Celsius for one week after the operation of the ground is operating for a week. In the case of decreased room temperature, the temperature suddenly increases the temperature, which will cause damage to the pipe and connecting parts and affect the service life.

2. Diligence

Whether it is floor tiles or wooden floors, it is necessary to ensure appropriate ventilation when using floor heating. In winter, the indoor temperature is too high, which will accelerate the diffusion of harmful gases. Proper ventilation will help prevent harm.

In summary, floor heating radiation will not cause any harm to human health. As long as you choose the materials and use it correctly, you don’t have to worry about the concentrated spread of harmful air. Of course, whether to install floor heating depends on family needs. Modern electrical appliances are replaced. There are many heating electrical appliances. If you don’t like ground heating, you can also get temperature in other ways.

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