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The recruitment medical examination this winter started yesterday

On November 1st, Wuhu City’s medical examination work was officially launched this winter, and a total of 6 individual inspection stations were set up in the city. In order to ensure the fairness, justice and public medical examination of the recruitment, the Municipal Reprint Office also sent the inspection team to the stations to supervise and check.

It is understood that, in addition to the sharing of Sanshan District and Yijiang District, there is a medical examination station in Jinghu District, Jiujiang District, Wuhu County, Fanchang County, and Nanling County. The duration of the physical examination of each station is different according to the number of people, and the preliminary inspection can usually end within one week.

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In the morning, at the medical examination station in Fanchang County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the reporter saw that many young people were waiting in line to wait for the physical examination, and the medical examination doctor was also meticulous (pictured). According to reports, nearly 70 youths were requisitioned on the morning of the morning. Dean Luo Qi of Fanchang County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine told reporters that the medical examination of the station will continue until November 5th. The physical examination content includes more than a dozen items including eye, ear, nose, throat, hearing vision, internal surgery, electrocardiogram, and psychological testing. Different from previous years, this year’s medical examination is more standardized in operation. All the recruitment medical examinations replace the real name with numbers, so that the physical examination and the doctor will achieve “double blindness”. At the same time, during the entire medical examination, the transmission of the form between different sectors was completed by the armed police. “Leisure personnel” must not be exposed to ensure that the results of the medical examination were more fair and fair.

(Editor in charge: Ling Yan)

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