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The returning face of the green face is tickling. The woman is actually a doctorate doctor reminded: the sunlight is gentle and the sun is gentle, don’t ignore the sunscreen

Spring is here, and the sunny and warm weather increases.When she went out, she returned from Qing, and the 28 -year -old Miss Yang was itchy on her face. After scratching, she got a erythema. After going to the hospital for examination, she found that she was allergic to sunshine.

Yesterday, skin experts reminded that sunscreen is very important in spring. For sensitive skin and beauty lovers, various sunscreen supplies must be used.

Out a day to play with sunlight allergy

Miss Yang, 28, is a selfie.The weather was fine the day before yesterday. She asked her friends to go to the suburbs to take pictures.Everyone had fun in the sea of flowers, took a lot of beautiful photos, went to eat wild vegetables at noon, and returned home with happiness. In the evening, Ms. Yang felt itchy on her face and scratched it a few times.She guessed that she might have been stained with pollen or outdoor dust, so she went to a hot bath.After taking a shower, her face was even more itchy. After she scratched it, she still felt itchy.

Waking up the next morning, she felt itchy on her face, and her arm began to itch.When I ran to look at the mirror, she was even more startled, and the places on her face were scratched with erythema. The arm was not only red, but the skin she was grabbing was slightly raised.Go to the dermatology department of the Third People’s Hospital of Hubei Province (Zhongshan Hospital).After detailed inquiries, the doctor thought she was allergic to sunshine.

“Every spring, the number of allergies will begin to rise when the number of suncotitis occurs.” Yang Song, director of the dermatology department of the hospital, said that the sunlight in spring is gentle, but for people with allergies or lupus erythematosus and other diseasesIt has “lethal”.In addition, at this time, if you take some drugs or some optics and fruits, it will also exacerbate sunci dermatitis, “contraceptive pills, or some wild vegetables and tropical fruits may become a induced factor.”

Song Jiquan, director of the dermatology department of Wuhan University Central South Hospital, also reminded that the sensitive people of the sunlight should do more homework daily, understand which are light -sensitive foods, and eat as little as possible to avoid exogenous light -sensitive dermatitis.He also moves. Milk can not only provide nutrition for the skin, but also have certain anti -inflammatory, swelling and soothing effects. “Once the skin appears red and swollen due to the sun, it can be used with milk.Because low temperature can shrink the capillaries and reduce the inflammatory response. “He particularly emphasized that after sunburn, do not contact hot water, do not use soap, soap, shower gel to stimulate the skin, and suspend skin care products at the same time.

Pay attention to the work of sun protection in spring

“Although the intensity of the sun in spring, although it does not cause sunburn, the sunlight at this time is strong. Over time exposure to the sun will cause skin aging and increase the chance of skin cancer.” Wuhan University Central South Hospital Dermatology DepartmentDirector Song Jiquan said that sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen and other sunscreens should be used in spring.

For beauty people, sunscreens cannot be ignored in spring.”Under the sun for a long time, it will accelerate skin aging and cause stain formation.” Yang Song reminded that the sunlight’s damage to the skin is not gender, so men and women should pay attention to the best physical sunscreen effects., Umbrella, etc., can effectively block the damage of the sun.

As for the choice of sunscreen, it has nothing to do with the season, only related to the intensity and duration that may be exposed to. “You can choose sunscreen skin and skin care products with different sunscreen coefficients according to the weather conditions and outdoor time. It is best to bring one with you.Add at any time. “

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There is also a saying that wearing a mask is also considered sunscreen, and even a dark mask is not as good as light sunscreen.In this regard, Yang Song said with a smile: “The role of masks in sunscreen is physical obstruction, which has little to do with color.”

In recent years, the popular sunscreen clothes, experts also said that when you choose a sunscreen jacket, you must first see the materials. The texture of some sunscreens on the market is polyester, polyester fiber, artificial fiber and other materials.It can induce skin diseases such as pyrophylite, abacurium, and other skin diseases for a long time.

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