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The root cause of infertility is actually prostatitis

The wife is infertile for three years, and the root of the scourge is actually the prostatitis of her husband

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Dan Dan has been married to Ding Li for three years. The in -laws have been looking forward to a grandson, so soon to enjoy the joy of God. Seeing that the baby of other people’s house has come one by one, but his daughter -in -law Dan Dan’s belly has never moved. How anxious. Dan Dan and Ding Li are both modern urban people who are seriously career. Infertility, infertility, Dink family is also very good. Without drag, you can enjoy the two -person world.

Ding Li is puzzled. I have no sexual derailment, and I do n’t feel that I have any uncomfortableness to suffer from prostatitis? The prostate is just a subsidiary glands of the male reproductive system. How can it cause male infertility?

The cause of chronic prostatitis

Experts analyzed that the incidence of prostatitis of young men has reached 5%and has shown an upward trend. In the past, young men suffering from prostatitis were very rare. At present, young men’s general work pressure is too high, coupled with smoking, drinking, eating a lot of spicy foods, and unclean behavior before marriage, etc., formed adverse stimulation on the urethra and prostate, causing tissue congestion and vascular expansion, increasing the chance of affordable prostatitis. Especially in the office family, due to the frequent sitting of the prostate, the prostate is compressed, causing local blood circulation disorders; there is also a passion for riding a bicycle or a long -term cycling, causing congestion and edema of the prostate, which is not conducive to blood circulation, and even causes the prostate to cause the prostate Inflammation, inadequate treatment can be transformed into chronic prostatitis.

Clinical manifestations of chronic prostatitis

The clinical manifestations of patients with chronic prostatitis are quite inconsistent.

1. Symptoms of patients with chronic prostatitis are very different. Even if the same patient, the symptoms at different stages are different. The main manifestations are: changes in urination symptoms and urinary tract stimulation symptoms (such as frequent urination, urgency, pain, and urination discomfort after urination, unexplained urine after urination, “white” urethral opening) Pain and discomfort, nervous system and mental symptoms.

2. Asymptomatic chronic prostatitis, this type is quite so -called hidden prostatitis. It is only because patients are only found by patients to treat men’s infertility or sexual dysfunction. In the statistical analysis of patients with infertility caused by 77 patients caused by chronic prostatitis, 8 cases were found in the statistical analysis of patients with infertility. There are also some recessive prostatitis, which are found in the semen routine examination of pus cells or red blood cells, and then further check the prostate and then confirm. Therefore, even if the patient’s clinical manifestations are not obvious, it is not equal to no illness. Therefore, when diagnosis and treatment of men’s infertility and sexual dysfunction, attention should be paid to whether it is possibility of chronic prostatitis.

Why chronic prostatitis causes male infertility

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90%of men’s semen is prostate fluid, 10%is sperm, and prostate provides sperm to provide sperm survival environment and nutrition. Prostatitis will not only affect sexual function, but also cause male infertility. Especially after the recurrence of chronic prostatitis, it can inhibit sperm vitality and affect the quality of semen; severe functional dysfunction, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, etc. Due to the inflammatory changes in prostate, the ingredients and physical and chemical properties of the semen will change. This causes a series of diseases such as sperm activity, increased sperm death, and semen without liquefaction. If bacterial prostatitis occurs, semen will contain bacteria and toxins, inhibit the vitality of sperm, cause sperm poisoning, condensing, and death, which will greatly reduce the fertility ability of unmarried men.

Experts warned: Once young men suffer from prostatitis, they must go to regular hospitals for standardized treatment. Do not blindly take medicine or go to hospitals that do not have conditions. The treatment effect has greatly improved some male sexual dysfunction and infertility. Although the treatment of prostatitis is more difficult, it is not complicated. The key is whether the patient can be treated persistently. With the continuous development of modern medical equipment, the treatment technology of prostatitis has made new breakthroughs. For example, a new generation of prostate treatment rehabilitation system can be quickly, efficient, and safe to treat prostate diseases to achieve satisfactory treatment results.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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