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The salty it is, the shorter the life span?Harvard University: Eat too much salt, or increase the risk of death by 28%

“Why is there no problem eating pickles in the past? Why did I have a disease?”

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Aunt Wang at the age of 52, he likes to eat heavy oil salt when he was young, and he can’t do without a piece of pickles every day. Last week, Aunt Wang suddenly had a severe stomach pain. She went to the hospital for examination and found that there was tumor in the stomach, and her blood pressure was as high as 180/110 mm Hg.

The doctor analyzed her diet and believed that her condition had a certain relationship with pickles. Aunt Wang was very puzzled. Because he was poor when he was a child, everyone ate pickles, and the people on the ancestors were very healthy, so they developed this habit. Why are people who eat pickles in the past, but now there are so many cancer and high blood pressure?

The salty it is, the shorter the life span?Harvard University: Eat too much salt, or increase the risk of death by 28%

1. Eat too much salt to reduce life! Harvard Research: Eat too salty and increase the risk of death by 28%

In July 2022, researchers at the School of Public Health of Harvard University published a research paper on the journal “European Heart Journal”. The shorter.

The researchers analyzed participants between the 501379 age between the ages of 40 and 69. Statistically add the frequency of salt to the food of the participants, and considers the participants’ gender, age, disease, smoking, drinking, race, sports, diet and other factors. During the nine years of follow -up, a total of 18,474 people died prematurely, and the frequency of food plus salt increased, and the risk of premature death would increase.

By the age of 50, compared with participants who rarely eat salt, the life expectancy of salty men and women who eat them will decrease by 1.5 and 2.28 years, respectively. risk.

The salty it is, the shorter the life span?Harvard University: Eat too much salt, or increase the risk of death by 28%

Why does the high -salt diet make people short?

最主要的原因就是高盐饮食会导致钠摄入过多,虽然摄入适量的钠有助于保持体内的渗透压和酸碱平衡,但是摄入过多的钠却会出现水钠潴留,导致Increased blood pressure and increased blood volume, once suffering from hypertension, it will increase the risk of cardiovascular events such as coronary heart disease and brain stroke. In addition, the high -salt diet will affect the gastric mucosa due to excessive permeability and increase the risk of cancer.

2. Why did you eat pickles in the 1950s and 1960s?

In terms of salt intake, WHO recommends not to exceed 5 grams of salt per day for adults. In my country’s “Chinese Resident Dietary Guide”, it is recommended that adults should not exceed 5 grams of salt per day. However, some research data show that the per capita salt intake of my country is about 12 grams per day, which is far exceeding the standard.

Why do I often eat pickles in the past, but there is no more high blood pressure and cancer now?

In the past, people’s living standards were low and often ate pickles, but few people suffered from hypertension and cancer. Now there are more and more hypertension and cancer patients. This is mainly related to the three factors:

1. In the past

In the 1950s and 1960s, people mainly carried out physical labor, and they would sweat a lot in the process of physical labor to discharge salt. Therefore, the need for salt itself would increase, and even more salt intake would not cause excessive imbalance in the body. The physical activity of Chinese people has decreased by 50%in the past 30 years.

2. Summary of salt intake in the past

Although people in the 1950s and 1960s often eat pickles, the total amount of dishes they eat is very small. Most of them eat salt -free staple foods, and there are very few processed foods. The total intake of sodium is no more than now.

3. In the past, potassium intake is relatively sufficient

Studies at home and abroad have found that intake of sufficient potassium can play a boosting effect of sodium, and can also promote sodium excretion. In the 1950s and 1960s, because of lack of food, most of them were potato, grain grains, beans,, beans,,, beans,,, beans,,, beans,,, beans,,,, beans,,,, Fruit, fruits, vegetables and other foods, these foods are rich in potassium, which can ensure sufficient intake of potassium. The potassium camera of modern people is only about 1.7 grams/day, which is less than half of the recommendation of the World Health Organization.

The salty it is, the shorter the life span?Harvard University: Eat too much salt, or increase the risk of death by 28%

Third, new trend: change a kind of salt to cook, more healthy

Peking University and famous British and American academic institutions published a study on BMJ, which found that in China, if you use low sodium salt instead of ordinary home salt, about 450,000 cardiovascular death can be reduced each year.

Director Yu Luyang, Director of the Disease Prevention and Control Center of Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, explained that low sodium salt is a kind of nutritional salt. The content of sodium chloride of traditional salt reaches more than 95%, but 30%of chloride is added to low sodium salt Potassium reduces the content of sodium chloride of low sodium salt by about 30 %, not only does not affect the salty sense, but also increases the intake of potassium. Essence

However, low sodium salts are not suitable for everyone. The most suitable for low sodium salt is healthy people, especially the elderly, pregnant women, and patients with hypertension, which can help prevent hypertension and help patients with hypertension to control blood pressure. However, low -sodium salt is a low -sodium and high potassium salt. Too much potassium ions are not good for patients with kidney dysfunction and kidney disease. Especially patients with urinary dysfunction can easily lead to hypertropheric potassium, causing arrhythmia, causing arrhythmia , Heart failure, so it is not suitable for these patients. 4. After eating pickles, touch these invisible salts less

The salty it is, the shorter the life span?Harvard University: Eat too much salt, or increase the risk of death by 28%

Many people know that eating too much salt is not good for their bodies, but there are many foods in life that are hidden in salt, which is easy to be ignored:

1. Prefecture

Common seasonings include sauce such as sweet noodle sauce, chili sauce, etc., as well as chicken essence and monosodium glutamate. For example, 15 grams of chicken essence contains about 855 mg of sodium, which is equivalent to about 2 grams of salt. Therefore, pay attention to putting less flavoring products when cooking.

2. Machining meat

Such as ham, sausage, canned lunch meat, beef dried, etc. For example, a brand of beef jerky per 100 grams contains 958 mg of sodium, which is equivalent to 2 grams of salt. If you accidentally eat it, you eat a bag. Easy to cause salt to exceed the standard.

3. Snacks

Sour sour snacks such as honey, plums, snacks, biscuits and other snacks, such as a brand of words per 100 grams, which contains 4800 mg of sodium, which is equivalent to 12 grams of salt.

Salt is an indispensable condiment in life, but too much salt is easy to hide a lot of health risks. For health, we must pay attention to controlling the amount of salt.

The salty it is, the shorter the life span?Harvard University: Eat too much salt, or increase the risk of death by 28%

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