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The second round of “diagnosis pulse test” successfully diagnosed pregnant women

The “diagnosis pulse test” challenge has been conducted warmly under the attention of netizens, and has been in the second round. A Chengdu Traditional Chinese Medicine Lu who took the initiative to fight was not successful in the first round of challenges, and the pregnancy test person was tested in the second round, but he said he would continue to participate in the challenge.

Earlier, Lu was confidently fought and took the initiative to raise the bonus to 200,000 yuan. On the 14th, he said on Weibo, “I can relax the conditions and accept the challenge! In the quiet room, there can be a third party to be there! Sex! In the end, if I am lucky to get more than 80%of the pregnancy test rate, you need to issue a public statement on the media and acknowledge that the status of traditional Chinese medicine as the essence of traditional Chinese culture cannot be shaken, and you need to apologize to all Chinese medicine practitioners. Can you? “

Many media people expressed their views on this “Battle of Chinese and Western Medicine”. Some people say that no matter which side of such a challenge has won, it has little significance. Even if the Chinese medicine pulse participating in the competition is not allowed, it does not reach 80%of the “diagnosis pulse test”, but only 50%, or lower, can not deny the method of diagnosis and pregnancy test of Chinese medicine. science. Adopting such a form, taking a traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis method that lasted for thousands of years, and determining the authenticity through a challenge, it seems not fair and lacking feasibility.


And the same time, the teacher “Chinese medicine Yang Yan”, a prescription teacher of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also expressed his views on “diagnosis and pregnancy test”. It can reach 80 %. He admits that “pulse diagnosis and pregnancy test” needs to exclude false positives, and the accuracy rate cannot reach 100 %. However, some foreign research papers show that during the different periods of pregnancy, the blood flow is indeed different. Reliability is very high, but other cases that are easily confused are eliminated, such as excluding some patients with heart disease.

In this regard, Dr. Gao Liang, a Dr. Typhoid Typhoid University in Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the pulse testing of traditional Chinese medicine is a scientific way, and the pulse of pregnancy has a set of theoretical support. After people are pregnant, because of pregnancy, their own qi and blood operation will change, and qi and blood will encourage and produce different pulse. For example, the pulse of the vein, which is a vein of ‘such as the flow of pearls and flowing.’. This can also be explained in modern medicine, that is, hormone levels will change after pregnancy. The pregnancy test can be judged for a few months of pregnancy, and the master of traditional Chinese medicine can even be more detailed, including men or women. Specifically, the situation that can be judged should be based on the doctor’s own level. For example, some fetal gender judgment takes three months, and some takes shorter time. It depends on how sensitive the doctor’s feeling is, and how accurate the pulse is.

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