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The selection of Chinese medicine weight loss is very important for Chinese medicine

In the selection of Chinese medicine weight loss formula, Cassia seeds, Lai Xunzi, honeysuckle, lotus leaves are often used. Although they all have weight loss effects, the specific obesity reasons are different. Choose will not hurt the body. This shows that the Chinese medicine weight loss selection is very traditional Chinese medicine!

Cassia seeds to clear liver detoxification

Not suitable for body deficiency and obesity. Cassia seeds are clear, but for people with cold constitution, Cassia seeds will make cold worsening, causing diarrhea and deficiency. If you are a fat constitution, then you are not suitable for you, you may increase your indigestion, not only cannot decompose fat, but also extend the time for food to store in the body.

Lai Xunzi is laxative and tight skin

Not suitable for muscle obesity. If Lai Xunzi is used in simple treatment of constipation, it is still good, but if you are muscle -type obesity, the nature of this Chinese medicine to lose weight is not appropriate. Muscle obese fats are relatively tight, but if you use Lai Xunzi for a long time, you will cause diarrhea and even dehydration. In this way, fat will only relax and will not reduce, but it will look larger.

Gold and Silver Flower Fire Dipment

Not suitable for endocrine disorders. Some people don’t eat much, but they are still a lot of fat. This is obesity caused by endocrine disorders. Generally, this type of obesity is caused by weak spleen and stomach and inadequate coordination. Therefore, if the weight loss prescription contains honeysuckle, it is likely to exacerbate this inconsistency. Golden and silver flowers can reduce fire and get rid of moisture, but it is not suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach, which will aggravate symptoms. So for the obese crowd of endocrine disorders, honeysuckle will make you running on the road of weight loss.

Lotus diuretic lipid

Not suitable for internal organs. Incorpic obesity means that there are not many subcutaneous fat, but a large amount of fat has accumulated on the surface of the internal organs, such as diabetes and fatty liver, which are related to internal organs. Lotus leaf has a good diuretic effect, which can reduce fire and clear fat, but if you belong to internal organs, then the lotus leaves that can conveniently diuretic may not be suitable for you. Take diabetes, it is easy to thirst and urine, and then take the lotus leaves that accelerate the metabolism of urine, which is tantamount to worsening.


(Editor in charge: Lai Huili Internship Editor: Lingling Ping)

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