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The sensitive period for babies to learn painting

The sensitive period for babies to learn painting

From the second half of the year of birth, the baby has learned to get things with your thumb and index finger. This is a very critical step for the development of the hand, laying the foundation for the development of writing and painting ability. Generally speaking, children can paint after the age of children. After the age of 2, young children start using pencils or crayons, draw some circles or straight lines, and try to use the simple lines they draw to show the surrounding things. At this time, children have entered a critical period for development and painting ability.

During this period, as long as the children’s pencil or crayons are given, children learn from adults to draw lines and write “words” on paper. When the child can draw the lines as soon as the arm is moved, it will be rejected with joy, and often immersed in it, showing a strong interest.

Before the age of 3, children will think of and say the image that they think of by accident, but it is difficult for others to distinguish what the painting is. For example, children draw their dads, and they will draw a circle, and then draw four lines from the circular line to represent the hands and feet of Dad. The painting of children 4-5 is usually the deepest thing he feels, and can grasp the characteristics of things, let people know what it is at a glance. For example, he will draw a circle and four lines to paint his eyes and mouth. The 5 -year -old child gradually draws themselves, and they will draw on the paper one by one that they know what they know and moves.

During the critical period of painting, as long as you train a little, many adults will not be able to reach. Some children aged 4 to 5 can write brush characters that are convinced by adults, and can draw people who can’t believe it is a good painting from the hands of children.

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The benefits of your baby learn to draw

Painting is an artistic skill. It can cultivate temperament and help people get a moment of tranquility from the disturbing world. For babies, painting helps them exert their imagination, copy to help them enhance their observation and attention ability, and hand -painted painting can also exercise arms muscles and improve their eye -eye coordination ability. Therefore, regardless of whether the baby is young or growing up, learning painting is very beneficial to them.

(Intern editor: Liu Yinying)


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