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The six major sins of the disease are angry with qi.

People may be sick, which may be related to diet, which may be related to the environment, but most of them are caused by mood. There are many types of qi, such as resentment, sullenness, qi, and anger. Although different qi have different moods, the results will make people sick.

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Angry will make people fatter

In life, the body’s hormone secretion will increase, which will cause obesity. Some studies say that the more people are angry, the easier it is to eat themselves to paralyze themselves, so it is more likely to gain weight.

Angry will make people ugly

The fierce and evil face is formed by anger, not only that, the anger will also increase the wrinkles on the face. Studies have shown that excessive anger will affect the normal operation of immune cell function, reduce resistance, and then cause diseases such as color spots, breast hyperplasia, hyperthyroidism, gastric ulcer, myocardial ischemia, and accelerated brain aging.

Evil with cancer

Some studies have stated that people who often get angry have the probability of cancer than the average person, and the anger itself has a role in cells! Studies completed by Dr. Elma, a physiologist in an American physiologist, found that the physical fitness of 10 minutes was equivalent to a 3000 -meter racing. Endocrine dysfunction caused by long -term anger and low immune function of the human body make cancer more likely to occur.

Qi and lungs

Angry person’s body will heat up, leading to liver heat, which affects lungs and lungs, and people are prone to insomnia, and people will have various problems as soon as people insomnia.

Angry and hurt

It is well -known to be angry and hurt the liver, but not only that, liver stagnation can also affect bile, make it unable to secrete and excrete normally, but also affect the digestion and absorption of food, and then symptoms such as loss of appetite and bloating.

Evil and sleepy

If you are angry at night, it is difficult to fall asleep, even if you fall asleep in the morning, you will find that the mental condition is not good. Because anger hurts the liver and liver, people will be irritable and excited, which will cause insomnia and dreaming.

I believe no one likes to be angry, just because the heart is not big enough, and it is not enough for things. Some exercise is usually properly performed. When encountering stress and difficulties, solve it as soon as possible, do not keep it in your heart, cause emotions.

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