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The six principles of the elderly with medication are in mind the six principles

Chronic diseases are the trouble of the elderly. For elderly sugar friends, it is very important to choose the right hypoglycemic drugs and treatment methods. It is very important to choose the right time to take medicine. Therefore, the following six principles need to be complied.

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The six principles of the elderly with medication are in mind the six principles

1. The dose of a single medicine should not be too large

The effect of many hypoglycemic drugs is not obvious, but it is easy to produce side effects. For example, Grezett is greater than 320 mg, glitizine is greater than 30 mg, two -gram of dual -duplex is greater than 2 grams. Liemei is greater than 4 mg, etc., the effect of hypoglycemic is not better, and it is prone to adverse drug reactions, especially hypoglycemia.

2. Pay attention to medication time

The first and second -generation sulfur should be taken half an hour before the meal or more for a long time, and the Greyima of the Greyima once a day should be fixed at a certain time. Take it before or during meals, and double -crickets are taken during or after a meal.

3. It is recommended to use early combined medicine

The combined application of drugs with different mechanisms, avoiding strengths and avoiding weaknesses, is more conducive to blood glucose control, protects islet B cell function, and improves insulin resistance.

Sulfur crickets and dual -crickets are the most common. Sulfur crickets and alpha glycosidase inhibitors are combined, which is more conducive to postprandial blood glucose control. The combination of dual -crickets and alpha glycosidase inhibitors or azoline dilate can improve the lack of sulfurbaus. The combination of blood glucose regulators with double -crickets during meals can significantly reduce the fluctuated blood sugar.

4. After the blood glucose is normal, it is not appropriate to stop all hypoglycemic drugs

After the blood glucose is normal, you can gradually reduce the amount of advice. It is not advisable to stop oral hypoglycemic drugs by yourself.

5. The same medicine should not take too long

Can be used to use other drugs to better control blood sugar.

6. Application as soon as possible

Modern studies have confirmed that patients with diabetes should apply insulin as soon as possible to delay the development of complications. Insulin can be combined with oral hypoglycemic drugs. Insulin therapy has made many new progress in recent years, such as ultra -short -term and long -acting insulin, nasal spray insulin, and insulin pumps. Satisfy blood sugar control, low blood sugar reaction, decreased insulin dosage, and praised by the majority of patients.

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