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The skin disease can be used in the scalp.

Many patients with skin diseases often go to pharmacies to buy external medicines for their own affairs. As everyone knows, there are different parts of skin diseases, and medication is also different.


The skin disease can be used in the scalp.

The disease is located in the scalp. You can buy sulfur cream, Hill raw washing solution, and patching liquid for washing your hair. Wash it every three days. Because the scalp is the most distributed area of ​​sebaceous glands, a large amount of sebaceous glands secretions can attract a new type of fungal infection, such drugs have the effect of deodorizing and antagonistic fungal.

The disease position is on the face, and 3%boric acid solution can be used to wet it. The method is to cover the face with 4 to 6 layers of gauze immersed in the solution. Just once a day, all skin care products must be discontinued at the same time. Such external medicines have convergence and protect the skin, as well as anti -allergic and anti -regulating rash effects. The skin on the opposite side is not adversely stimulated, and the side effects of cortical hormone such as facial skin atrophy and capillaries will not occur.

The disease position can be used on the back of the neck, the back of the back, the sides of the limbs, the back of the hand and the foot of the foot. Such drugs have neuroplapse and anti -allergic effects, and are more irritating to the skin. However, due to the thicker epidermal keratin of the above parts, such drugs can tolerate the mild stimulation of the skin for the skin.

The disease is on the front side of the neck, chest, abdomen, hip, and limbs flexion. You can choose stovenite washing agent and zinc oxide washing agent. Such drugs have the effect of soothing, protecting, cooling and itching, and no skin. Stimulation. The keratin of these parts is relatively thin, and potions with alcohol -based solvents cannot be used.

The disease is under the armpit, the umbilical period, the groin, the vulva, and the anus. The compound mimonazole cream, the compound Dakakin cream, the skin Kangwang cream, the Baolongkang cream, and the compound Kang sodium cream. There are many skin secretions in the above -mentioned parts, and the skin is often moist. When the skin itchs in these parts, it is often accompanied by fungal infections such as Candida, Candida, Murlus, and Poorite. These drugs have anti -allergic antipruritic and antifungal infections, so it is very suitable for skin itching in these parts.

The disease is between the soles of the foot and toes, and the Fumi Pottery combined with Faminfen Cream or Matkazole cream. First apply Fuqi potion to the affected area, and then apply tintins cream or mimazole cream after the potion is dry. These parts are good for fungal infections. Fuqi potion is a sturgeon with alcohol as a solvent. It has antifungal itching effects and combined with other antifungal creams to strengthen antifungal infection to prevent fungal resistance and affect the curative effect.

It is worth mentioning that no matter what part of the skin itching, if the skin of the itching area has appeared red, swollen, erosion, and exudate, the affected area should be used to wet the affected area of ​​3%boric acid solution until the local skin redness and swelling disappear, and the epidermis grows well. Then use the exterior medicine as appropriate according to the above -mentioned different parts.

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