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The skin itching, the more itchy, what should I do in winter dermatitis?

“In winter, the skin will itch, and the more itchy!” I believe most people have experienced it, and many people will get “winter dermatitis” as soon as they get in winter. So what is winter dermatitis? What should I pay attention to?

What are the common dermatitis in winter?

1. Sunlight dermatitis

The ultraviolet rays in winter are stronger than summer, and the skin is exposed to strong ultraviolet rays, which can cause solar dermatitis. It often occurs in the exposure of the skin, manifested as redness, rash, itching, etc. In severe cases, small blisters may be raised, even blushing and swollen, and it feels painful.

Dry and itchy dermatitis

The weather is dry in winter and the skin’s moisture loss is too much, which can easily cause dry itching dermatitis. Middle -aged and elderly people have more hair, the skin is dry, the leather patterns are relatively clear, accompanied by itching. After scratching the surface of the skin, white scratch marks are left, and small white dandruff occurs in severe cases.

3. Neurotitis

Neurotitis is also called chronic simplicity moss. It occurs on both sides of the neck, the parts, the elbow, the 腘, the tail of the 骶, the wrist, and the ankle. You can see the waist such as waist, eyelids, limbs, etc.

What problems should patients should pay attention to in winter?

1. Avoid the heat for too long

Excessive water will accelerate sebum loss. It is recommended that the water temperature and body temperature selected during bathing are close to (about 37 ° C -38 ° C), and the time is best controlled within 5 minutes.

2. Avoid using powerful cleaners during shower

When shower, a neutral bath solution should be selected, and no soap and alkaline cleaners should be used. If the skin is relatively dry, you can take a bath directly, or use a shower gel once every few days.

3. Persist in using a moisturizing agent every day

It is recommended to hoard some moisturizing and moisturizing effects with strong moisturizing dew, like common Vaselin, it is recommended to apply 1-2 times a day. Especially after the cold, apply appropriately when the moisture has not been completely dried, and it is more effective to help lock the water.

4. Try to wear cotton clothes as much as possible

The underwear is loose and soft. It is better to wash it frequently. It is best to use cotton products. Chemical fiber fabrics are prone to skin allergies.

5. Try to avoid scratching

Remember, such behaviors will only make our skin infection more easily, while stimulating the inflammatory factors to induce the dead cycle of “scratch-itching-scratch-scratch-itching”, which cause itching to increase.

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6. Diet should be taboo

Yixi: Eat animal liver, poultry eggs, cod liver oil and other foods rich in vitamin A, sesame, peanuts, soybeans, black beans and other foods rich in linoleic acid can moisturize the skin, drink more water, eat more carrots, pumpkin, fresh vegetables and fruits, etc.

Avoid: Seafood, beef, lamb, alcohol, pepper, strong tea, coffee and other irritating foods.

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