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The spinal problem will affect the child’s life. Why don’t you pay attention?

Carrying a huge schoolbag, a hump student …

After a busy day’s schoolwork, I fell on the sofa all kinds of Ge You lying on the sofa …

Junior high school students standing on the playground, under the shade, and the streets …

Standing without standing, sitting without sitting, walking without walking …

I don’t know when, from the campus, the streets of the street, the image of this indecent student has become a “different landscape line”, and the next generation of the next generation of China’s high hopes is deteriorating at an alarming rate. This makes those teachers and parents who care about their children’s healthy growth.

“Doctor, why can’t he stand straight?”

“Doctor, will he never grow anymore in the future?”

“Doctor, can you not surgery?”

“Doctor, do he still save it?”

In the major pediatrics of the country, due to insufficient cognition and attention to spinal health problems, the ratio of spine unhealthy, side bending, and degenerative ratio have increased. “If you pay attention earlier, the child’s situation will not be so serious.” In the hospital, an orthopedist who treats severe spine problems regrets.

The spine problem is eroding China’s next generation

Human spine is like the load -bearing structure of the house. It is responsible for supporting most of the strength of the human body. The normal spine looks straight like a tall bamboo. Unhealthy, problematic spines will have obvious side bending and degradation.

What is unhealthy spine? For the more typical representative of the spine problem, the spine bending refers to a period of lasting from the spine to deviate from the midline of the body, so that the spine protrudes the “C” or “S” shape to the side. The spine is long bent.

The incidence of spine bending in the world is about 3%-5%, which means that 3-5 of the 100 children have potential spine bending problems. The spine side bend is greater than 10 degrees as the spine side bend. If the spine side bending below 10 degrees is bent, there are more children with spinal problems. In our country, because the spine problems have not attracted the attention of infants and young educators, the incidence rate is higher than that of the international average.

In April 2019, “Imported Calcium Determine” was issued nationwide to carry out public welfare activities nationwide to issue children’s spine health screening forms, screening a total of tens of thousands of children across the country. The survey results show that as high as 8%of children have discovered spine health problems, which means that 8 of the 100 children have spinal health problems. It can be seen that the spine health of Chinese children needs to pay attention to.

Dr. Wang Tiantian is instructed students to conduct spinal self -examination

“The incidence of spinal problems in children and adolescents in our country shows an upward trend, which not only affects their body gesture, adversely affects physical health, but also may bring psychological burden on children, which seriously affects the psychological health of young people. It is recommended that parents recommend parents It is necessary to screen regular spine health problems for children, and diagnose, detect, and treat early. “Wang Tiantian, an expert in orthopedics from the Eighth Medical Center of the General Hospital of Beijing PLA General Hospital, said.

I did n’t pay attention to the spine when I was young, and the eldest injury caused sadness

How does the spine problem cause? A national survey and analysis form from various regions of “Imported Calcium” gives the answer: sitting for a long time among children aged 3-14 can account for 14.15%, irregular standing posture accounts for 3.41%, writing Irregular posture accounted for 22.93%, and the sitting positions accounted for 13.66%. It can be seen that bad habits are important causes of children’s spine unhealthy and spinal deformation.

What harm does spine deformation bring to children?

1. Small figures are not long

When the child has a spine health problem, the growth of the original spine curve is affected, which will seriously affect the child’s bone development. The child’s head is often lower than his peers, causing problems such as dysplasia and high length.

2. Affect children’s mental health

Due to the phenomenon of chest, humpback, high and low shoulders, long and short legs caused by spine problems, it will affect the child’s posture, and it will also make everyone feel that the child is not tall, and it may bring a certain psychological burden to the child. This may induce children’s inferiority and autism psychology. In severe cases, they may also induce emotional diseases such as depression and anxiety, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of young people.

3. Affect children’s cardiopulmonary health

Because the spinal problem occurs mostly in the chest and waist segments, respiratory dysfunction will be compressed. As the spine problem increases, the thoracic mobility deteriorates, which may affect the cardiovascular circulation system and cause obstacles to the heart function.

4. Other health issues

If it is not treated in time, the spinal health problem will not only appear on the spine vertebrae, but also cause deformation of other parts. Such as rib deformities, cardiovascular malformations, abnormal spinal cord development, etc.

In general, mild or degradation of the spine can affect the quality of life, and severe cases can lead to paralysis and even life -threatening.

Simple four steps, easily grasp the child’s spine health status

The spine is the main component of the human body structure. It is known as the “second lifeline” of the human body. Spinal health is particularly important for children’s growth and development. How can we find children’s spine health problems in time and avoid the problem more serious? Wang Tiantian, an expert in orthopedics of the Eighth Medical Center of the General Hospital of Beijing PLA General Hospital, taught us the “early screening and rapid diagnosis of spine health issues”. He said that early discovery has a vital role in the treatment and rehabilitation of children’s and adolescent spine health issues, and self -screening is the simplest and faster way to discover spine problems. The method of self -examination is not troublesome. You only need your eyes and hands. You can judge through simple four -step operation. (Source: The same “Children’s Spinal Health Management Manual” jointly released by the China Children and Children’s Foundation and the United States Diqiao)

First, let the child stand upright, do not shrugging, and droop their hands naturally to observe whether the child’s shoulders are equivalent.

Second, touch the scapula of the child’s back with your hands, and see if there is any scapula of the scapula backwards, and see if the lower end of the two shoulder blades is equivalent.

Third, let the child bend over and bend the middle position in the middle of the feet with both hands together to observe whether the child’s bilateral back and waist have a bulge and symmetrical.

Fourth, finally use the middle and index finger to clamp the spine spines to see if it can draw a normal straight line. Note that the child is bent over at this time.

Develop good habits to protect children’s backbone

In the period of stable spine development of children, we must pay attention to developing excellent living habits. Good habits can not only effectively promote the healthy development of the spine, help children cultivate a good posture, but also greatly reduce the pressure of the spine and reduce the burden on children. When parents find their children’s bad posture, they should give their children correctly, so that children can realize that these bad postures will have a bad impact on themselves, rather than reprimand the child loudly, so that the child will have a rebellious psychology.

In the second peak period of children’s spine development, special attention should be paid to the supplement of bone health and nutrition. At this stage, children should eat more foods rich in calcium, protein, and rich vitamins such as vitamin B clan, vitamin U, vitamin E, etc. These are essential nutrients for repairing bones, muscles, ligaments and other tissues. Young people eat 40 grams of soybean protein, 80 grams of high -quality protein, and about 1000 mg of calcium, which can significantly increase bone density and prevent spondylosis.

In the second peak of children’s spine development, children must also allow children to persist in sports and exercise strong fitness. If a slight spine side curve has occurred at this time, you must seek medical treatment in time to prevent the spinal bending increase to avoid more spinal problems.

Scoliosis requires a long time to replenish calcium in time. Don’t ignore it

Nowadays, people’s life is fast and stressful. Under the unable to guarantee good living habits and diet adjustment, and physical exercise, they must help with the help of calcium supplement. Dr. Wang Tiantian emphasized that paying attention to spine health must understand the importance of bone health. He said, “If you want to get a healthy spine, you must pay attention to bone health, and the healthy development of the bones must not be separated from calcium. This is like we build a house. For example, like bricks are for houses. In childhood, if enough calcium can not be taken, it is likely that humpback, funnel chest, chicken breasts and other signs of pheasant diseases will occur. “

Dr. Wang Tiantian’s importance of popular science spine health and calcium

In addition, spine health needs to strengthen outdoor activities, and children need vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium. Dr. Wang also emphasized the correlation between vitamin D and calcium. He said: “Vitamin D is a golden partner of calcium, which can better promote the absorption of calcium. If calcium and vitamin D lack, it is likely to increase the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoporosis.” If you ca n’t make high calcium meals and do not reach the intake of vitamin D, you need to choose a good calcium with the taste of children to supplement.

So, how to choose calcium supplements? Dr. Wang Tiantian said that calcium carbonate is the highest absorption among all calcium and the best utilization rate. Without special cases, calcium carbonate can be the first choice. For example, the US Diao Qiao Children’s Dimension D Calcium Chewing Tablets, each with 750 mg of calcium carbonate (equivalent to 300 mg of calcium), vitamin D3 100 international units, sufficient calcium, and vitamin D added to calcium, which is more conducive to calcium absorption.

When the book is used, the Fang hates less, and hates less money when he is sick

Once the best time for spinal correction is missed, surgical treatment is adopted after the spine correction exceeds 20 degrees or 40 degrees. The surgical treatment is a high risk and expensive; the second surgical treatment may hurt the nerves, and the sequelae will be left after surgery. Function.

From this point of view, the spinal health problem will have a significant impact on the early treatment. It is not only necessary to spend huge surgical treatment costs for parents, but for children, it is also a painful price.

Spinal health is a common disease and can prevent diseases, but it is harmful to the health of adolescents due to insufficient attention. Therefore, science popularization of spine is particularly important today. Although people generally lack awareness of the importance of spine health, fortunately, there are some responsible media and companies that have spared no effort to report and pay attention to this disease.

<!-2246: Pediatric terminal pageBelly "large -scale public welfare project.The project will go into more than 100 central cities across the country, such as Guangzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, and cooperate with mainstream domestic chain pharmacies to cover more than 1,000 cities communities, providing preliminary screening for children with healthy spine.At the same time, the "Chinese Children's Height Promotion Plan for Children's Spine Health Management Manual" is distributed to maternal and child health care institutions, exemption centers, etc. to help parents create a sense of "children's spine health" awareness, master scientific self -inspection screening methods, and in daily lifeIt is urged to develop a good habit of life and create a good environment for children's healthy growth.We call on more media, enterprises, and institutions to join publicity and advocate spine health to protect China's future forces!

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