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The staff of the child who enters the park first to the childcare institutional institution must take the job with a health certificate

Children go to kindergarten or nursery, and hygiene has new regulations guarantee, which will also greatly reduce the chance of children’s illness in kindergartens. Hunan’s “Administrative Measures for Health Care Care for Kindergarten” (referred to as “Measures”) was officially implemented. “According to this method, Hunan Province will strengthen the health examination of kindergartens and supervise the health care of kindergartens in various places.” The person in charge of the Women’s Society of the Provincial Department of Health said.

Those with a history of mental illness shall not work in kindergarten

The “Measures” stipulates that from yesterday, various childcare children and kindergartens for children under 6 years old must have at least one full -time health care personnel for each 150 children. Those who support less than 150 children shall be equipped with full -time or part -time health care personnel. Patients with mental illness and those with a history of mental illness shall not work in childcare institutions.

The “Measures” clearly stipulate the qualifications of the staff of the childcare institution. Before the staff of the childcare institution, the staff of the child must be conducted by a health care institution designated by the health administrative department of the people’s government at or above the county level and obtains the “Certificate of Health Certificate of Preschool Institutions” before the job. The childcare institution shall organize a health check every year on the job staff; if the personnel who suffer from infectious diseases in the personnel shall immediately leave the post for treatment, and can work after healing.

Yesterday, the staff of the relevant departments of the Nobel Cailing Kindergarten said, “We have a physical examination of the kindergarten teachers every year.” At the same time, there are full -time health care staff.

Children’s departure garden can enter the park again in March

The relevant person in charge of Yuhua District Maternal and Child Health Institute said that when children enter the nursery and kindergarten, they must issue a hospital’s medical examination report. In 1994, the “Administrative Measures for the Health Care Care of the Er and Kindergarten” issued by the Ministry of Health and the former State Education Commission made clear requirements.

On the basis of the original management measures, the new “Measures” clearly stipulates that childcare institutions should notify their guardians to leave the park (place) in time when they find that children suffer from suspected infectious diseases; You can enter the park (where). In addition, if children leave for more than 3 months, they should be re -entered after a health check.

Change the medical examination project without authorization will be punished according to the chapter

In the new version of the “Administrative Measures”, two provisions have been made for the first time. One is that the medical and health institutions should conduct a health check in accordance with the prescribed medical examination items, and must not be changed without violation of the regulations. If children or staff members enter the childcare institution, they will “order correction by the health administrative department for a period of time” until they “give administrative penalties by the education administrative department in accordance with the law.”

In addition, if the health room, a bathroom, or health care personnel are not established as required, if the staff does not regularly organize a health inspection of the staff, the health care work will not be strictly conducted in accordance with the “Specifications for Healthcare of Kindergarten in the Torus”. Punishment is prescribed.

<!-1958: Physical examination terminal page

“Before entering the park to enter the park, the necessary medical examination of children’s physical condition is both responsible for children and necessary protection for teachers’ own rights and interests.” The person in charge of a kindergarten said. There are 4 major projects for children’s physical examination: past medical history (including congenital heart disease, epilepsy, high fever, asthma, other); history of allergies; physical examination; auxiliary examination. The history of allergies requires parents to confirm the signature. Auxiliary examinations, mainly checking hemoglobin (HB) and Alanine amin amino metastases (ALT) (the increase in this project is found in liver disease).

The relevant person in charge of the Yuhua District Maternal and Child Health Institute said: “We are worried about those black kindergartens that do not apply for any documents. We will supervise the kindergarten in the district in accordance with the content of the implementation method, especially the unlicensed kindergarten. It is required to rectify the rectification. “,”

(Editor in charge: Ling Yan)

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