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The subtasticness is better than the technique instillation

In the kindergarten, I often encounter this situation. The teacher takes the child to play games and play toys. After the game is over, the teacher asked to take back the toys. At this time When teachers or parents use talk, persuasion, etc. to achieve the goal, it will not work. But if you use the means of music, you can often get unexpected results. When the teacher issued a treble, holding the musical instrument’s hand, and then sent a bass to throw the instrument into the basket. Children will imitate these actions of the teacher, so that they can not only cultivate children’s feelings of music, but also achieve the purpose of the teacher.

In fact, the method of educating children with the subtle use of music is very suitable for children from several months to three or four years old. For children’s age characteristics, music is more easily accepted by them. A cheerful and rhythmic music, they will naturally dance, and with the sound of music make some “咿咿 呀” sounds, they can exert their characteristics of rhythm. And in some early music early education courses, many behaviors of children are closely combined with music. For example, “Budle Paradise” published by the Foreign Research Institute uses “Washing Songs” to tell children the good habit of having diligently wash hands; use “Dragon Boat Festival” to cultivate children’s morality that loves traditional culture and so on.

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In addition, music can also create a scene, which is very suitable for family parent -child education. Parents to listen to music with their children and participate in music games together will help their children’s understanding and perception of music. For example, in “Budi Music House”, guide parents and children to drive “car” together, and tell the children to stop and green light through the high bass of music, allowing children to learn and cognitize the world in music games.

It can be seen that early music education is bound to be important. Through music activities, children’s memory, imagination, creativity can be enhanced, and children’s auditory discerning ability and sensitivity can be improved. However, most parents are at a loss about how their babies should perform music education. At this time, parents must listen, learn more, look more, and find some authoritative parent -child textbooks. Music skills are instilled, which can easily make them conflict with music. After all, the healthy growth of the baby and the attitude of the parents play an important role!

(Internship Editor: Wu Ritu)

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