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The suicide rate is high within 5 years after the stroke disease

Commonly known as “brain stroke” patients with strokes need to be paid attention to. The National Cancer Research Center of Japan recently published a research result that the risk of death due to suicide and accidents within 5 years after the onset of stroke patients was on the disease. About times.

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Earlier studies have shown that the risk of depression within one year after stroke will increase. This new study is the first investigation of the relationship between strokes and suicide and accident death. Starting in 1990, the research team took about 20 years to track the health status of about 93,000 residents in 8 counties in Japan. At the beginning of the investigation, the age of these residents ranged from the age of 40 to 69.

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During the investigation, a total of 512 people committed suicide, of which 22 were stroke. The danger of suicide within 5 years after the onset was about 10 times that of those who had not suffered from strokes. In addition, the research team analyzed the 728 people who died of “external reasons” due to traffic accidents, falling, and falling. After 5 years after the onset of the stroke, the danger of death for these reasons was also the danger of death. About 10 times.

The research team believes that after the onset of stroke, the sequelae of paralysis and language barrier often leave the sequelae of paralysis and language barrier. Therefore, the psychological pressure is very high in the past few years, and it is easy to cause suicide. In the rehabilitation treatment of patients with strokes, it is very important to care for spiritual aspects.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of High School of Labor Labor, about 1.2 million patients with cerebrovascular disorders, including stroke, in the country, although the mortality rate of patients with stroke is declining, how to return to society with sequelae is a major issue. Essence

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