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The supper that is not fat is here!Girls who lose weight every day should know

For those who lose weight, the supper is definitely one of the thunder ponds that must not be over. It seems that stepping on one foot will be abandoned before.Is the supper really so scary?In fact, as long as you can eat, you can still eat supper!

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Precautions for supper

1. The time between supper and sleep must be calculated, don’t get too close.If you want to eat supper, it is recommended to eat it 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

2. The share of supper does not exceed 1/5 of the share of the day.The proportion of three meals a day is about 30%of breakfast, 40%of lunch, and 30%dinner.The supper can be said to belong to a meal, and pay special attention in terms of quantity.

3. Pay attention to drinking plenty of water after supper, and don’t be afraid to get up at night. This is the most important measure to prevent stones and improve fat metabolism.

4. Sleep for a few hours, and sleep for 8 hours is much higher than that of only 6 hours of sleep.

Recommend a few supper that is not fat

1. Fresh fruit and vegetable

Vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants, and are also rich in trace minerals and vitamins, which can protect our body from diseases to infringement and make our bodies healthier.

At the same time, the calories of this type of food are generally low, which is conducive to weight management.Eating more vegetables and fruits is a healthy golden law around the world.

2. Oat

In addition to lifting hunger, oats are also very obvious for the promotion of sleep.First of all, oats can neutralize acidic substances in the human body and help sleep. Second, it can maintain blood sugar balance and improve the quality of sleep.

3. Yogurt

It is well known that the delicious yogurt is well known that its probiotic can effectively promote fat decomposition and inhibit fat accumulation. It can be described as delicious and losing weight.

Probiotics also improve intestinal immunity and promote the role of excretion of toxins. Next time you go to the supermarket, you may wish to buy some low -sugar yogurt and put it at home.

4. Black bread

Black bread collections of each director, which can neutralize acidic substances like oats, but also increase intestinal immunity like yogurt.

Eating black bread often has the effect of preventing diabetes, so black bread is a pretty good supper choice.

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