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The teeth are “small stones”, and it is stinky if it can’t be dropped. Why?How long is the best time to wash teeth?

“Doctor, I have a good teeth, and it is difficult to eat.”

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When the doctor checked Ms. Zhang’s teeth, she couldn’t help but stunned. For many years, she was also a “big world”. Before seeing Ms. Zhang, he had seen his own bad and thorough teeth.

After seeing Ms. Zhang, he realized that he was “eloquence”. All the teeth in Ms. Zhang’s mouth were loosened, and the dental stones almost wrapped the teeth, which caused Ms. Zhang’s chewing function to be seriously affected. food.

After a detailed examination, the doctor suggested that Ms. Zhang removed all the teeth in the mouth, because her teeth could not be rescued … The dental stones in the mouth were even more than the teeth. Lost!


1. How did the dental stones ruin a good teeth?

Many people will find that the teeth are “small stones”. It is very stinky to be able to brush off. It is difficult to remove it with your hands. It is not understood why there is such a stone in your mouth. What is this?

The tooth stones are generally existed on the surface of the salivary glands. The shape of the early dental stones is not hard. Generally, it is soft soft dirt. At this time, it can be brushed out by brushing. However, many people have not discovered in time that these soft dirt will gradually harden and harden to form stones.

Why does soft dirt and stones appear on the surface of the teeth?

Most of them are caused by the patient’s own oral hygiene. There are many bacteria in our oral cavity itself. It is easy to mix with the protein in the food during the split process to form plaque. These plaque will be attached to the surface of the teeth. If it is not cleared in time, it will gradually form stones. In addition, some people are because of their own teeth arrangement and rough tooth surface, which can easily deposit dental stones.

The stones in the oral cavity are the same as “installing” foreign bodies in the mouth, and these foreign bodies will continue to bring stimulation to periodontal tissue. Moreover, these stones will continue to increase, gums will be oppressed, blood circulation in the oral cavity is limited, periodontal tissue may cause infection, gums gradually shrink and inflammation, and the periodontal bags are induced.

Once a periodontal bag is formed in the oral cavity, food residues are easier to accumulate, and the growth rate of dental stones will also accelerate, forming a vicious circle in the oral cavity. In the end, the root of the teeth will be destroyed, and the teeth will gradually loosen and fall off.

2. Eliminate the teeth 1000 times, what will we see?

According to the data released by the Health Times, the cost of Chinese people in 2018 on oral care reached 41.6 billion yuan. Compared with 27.2 billion yuan in 2013, a year -on -year increase of 53%.

The reason why there is such a high cost of expenses is very connected with the bad oral health issues of the people in my country. According to the data released by CCTV’s news, the detection rate of dental calculus at 35 to 44 years old reached 96.7%, and almost everyone had stones in the mouth.

Among our adults, the proportion of brushing twice a day is less than 40 %, and even some will not brush their teeth once a day. If you do not brush your teeth for 24 hours, what will happen in your mouth?

If you do not brush your teeth a day, you will form plaque in the mouth, and it is a mature and pathogenic plaque. A large amount of bacteria will be attached to the plaque, which continues to grow under the action of saliva and food intake, and then induce dental caries. In addition, plaque also produces a lot of toxins, which can easily react in the body’s immune system, which may cause periodontal disease.

Brushing teeth is very important for the health of the teeth. I will share with you a scientist with a microscope of the electronic beam to put the tooth surface of 1,000 times larger. Do you still plan to brush your teeth well?

The correct way of brushing the teeth should be brushed by the daily brushing method. This method can brush the teeth to the greatest extent to clean the surface of the teeth without harming the teeth and gums. It is recommended to brush your teeth within 30 minutes after meals, and do not brush your teeth less than 3 minutes each time.

After the brushing is completed, it is best to clean the gaps of the teeth with the dental floss to avoid food residue in the teeth. Some people with no conditions can also use mouthwash to clean their teeth with the upper dental floss. Note that the number of brushes daily should be at least 2 times.

Third, what kind of people need to wash their teeth most? How long is the best time to wash?

In addition to daily brushing, you must go to the hospital dental department to wash your teeth regularly in your life. Washing your teeth can remove some parts that cannot be cleaned to the teeth, and at the same time help remove dental stones.

It is recommended that some people with black spots, calculus, and pigmentation on the teeth go to the hospital to wash their teeth regularly; people who perform orthodontics also need to wash their teeth regularly, because there are many blind spots that can not be touched on their daily brushes, which can easily cause causing Calley stones and dental caries can help avoid this situation; there are some people who often brush their teeth and bleeding and swelling of the tooth bed. It is also recommended to go to the hospital to wash their teeth regularly.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary people can maintain their teeth once a year. Some patients with periodontal disease should be adjusted according to their own conditions. It may take 3 to 6 months to clean. Suggestions to adjust.

In addition, some people who want to rely on teeth to whiten their teeth may have to be fantasized, because washing teeth can not make the teeth whiter. The reason why it will turn white may be because the pigmentation of the teeth on the surface of the teeth and the pigment surface of the teeth and the pigment surface of the teeth and the pigment surface of the teeth and the pigment surface of the teeth and the pigment surface of the teeth and the pigment surface of the teeth, and Caused by stones, but the color of the teeth itself has not changed. Fourth, develop 4 good habits to help you protect your teeth

Tooth health is very important for everyone. Once an oral problem occurs, it will not only hurt your body, but also “hurt” your wallet, so you must do these points.

First, brush your teeth must be brushed carefully, and you must brush enough time every time.

Second, dental floss is also essential to protect oral health, because even if you brush your teeth well in your daily life, it is difficult to remove some residues in the gap between the teeth. At this time

Third, the teeth are the same as the body. They also need to conduct regular medical examinations. It is recommended to check once a year. Doing this can be found in time to discover the problems in the mouth in the mouth, so as to achieve early treatment and early treatment.

Fourth, you should pay attention to the “rain dew” to chew food daily, and the teeth on both sides must be used. You also need to pay attention not to bite hard objects with your teeth, such as pencils, nails, etc.

With a white and beautiful teeth, it can not only beautify the facial features, but also enhance self -confidence and promote interpersonal relationships. Tooth is a good helper for chewing food. You must develop the habit of protecting your teeth everyday. If you have tooth diseases, you must treat it in time to avoid dental infections, cause pain or fall off, and affect life.

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