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The three major electrical appliances that are not suitable for the elderly

Nowadays, the level of living is good, and the family has various electrical appliances. Although household appliances are more convenient, some electrical appliances are not suitable for the elderly. Let’s take a look at the electrical appliances that are not suitable for the elderly.

1. Lipidum dumping machine

Many people know that fat -shaking weight loss machines are not conducive to their health, but some elderly information is not very spiritual. Many people of the previous age are pursuing “old -fashioned”, which is indispensable for superstitions such as superstitions.

In fact, not only the fatty weight loss machine, many electrical appliances that achieve the effect of weight loss in vibration and jitter are not suitable for people of the previous ages. To say the principle of weight loss, the most effective way is to produce energy needs through your own exercise, and then decompose fat through the body to meet this needs, thereby achieving the purpose of weight loss.

If you can consume your fat friction through the external force, then it is estimated that the five internal organs of the “thin skin and large stuffing” under your fat may be “scratched” soon.

Important tips: This vibration and jitter weight loss equipment, short -term use can achieve the purpose of alleviating muscle soreness and promoting blood circulation. But if it takes a long time, the disadvantages of skin, subcutaneous tissue, and internal organs are greater than benefits. Especially the elderly people, the bones are fragile, and the internal organs are more likely to be injured. This kind of thing is better to avoid far away.

2. Listen with you

There are many elderly people who love music and drama. Many old men living in Beijing often listen to Duan Peking Opera and taste the books. In the early years, many elderly people liked to be a “talked box”. When they were exercising in the morning, they put them beside them to exercise their artistic appreciation and get two birds with one stone. Now the audiovisual equipment is becoming advanced. Many portables, mobile phones, and MP3s can not only play music, but also listen to frequency adjustment broadcasts. However, what device you are prepared by the tube, it is best to use the earphones.

Important tips: If your elderly also like to listen with you, it is best to choose a pipe horn. The old people are not listening well, and the headsets are posted at the ear canal. Not only do they have certain damage to the elderly and the hearing of young people. What is most likely to make people think is that most of the response to the elderly is relatively slow, and most of the time of morning exercise, vegetables, and bending is the peak period of Beijing. If the earphones are stuffed in the ears, once there is any situation on the road, the elderly can easily react in a short period of time.

Third, Yuba

For the elderly and children, the health level of the heater is much stronger than that of Yuba. Although they are all heated electrical appliances, Yuba uses infrared rays, and heating aircraft uses electric air. But everyone who had used Yuba knew that in the bathing house, it was like a bulb of two or three hundred watts.

The old people’s vision nerves are relatively fragile, and the eyes of children are not fully developed. Under this strong light, it has been too long and has a great impact on vision. After taking a shower, especially at night, I feel that there are many places dark, and I don’t pay attention to it.

Important tips: There is no impact in this aspect. You only need to install it in a place that is not too splashed with water (most of the famous brand heater is waterproof). The place where bathing and warm wind are separated, it can achieve the effect of insulation.

(Intern editor: Lin Fei)

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