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The three parts of the woman are the first aging

For women, the most afraid of facing the problem is aging, but this is an inevitable natural law. Women are the most prone to aging in this part and pay more attention to maintenance!

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1. chest

A strong chest is a sexy symbol of a woman, but the breasts start aging after the age of 25. With the increase of age, the tissue and fat of the breasts began to lose, and the size and plumpness decreased, which will slowly start to sag. If you do not pay attention to the health of the breast, you may also suffer from breast hyperplasia and breast cancer. Pay attention to breast health, and do more breast self -examination. In addition, breastfeeding can also avoid breast disease.

2. Ovarian

Ovarian is the only organ that women secrete estrogen hormones. The condition of estrogen hormone will determine the degree of women’s youthful beauty or old pearl yellow. After the age of 30, due to the decline in ovarian secretion function, our beauty began to disturb -irregular menstruation, no gloss skin tone, hair cut off, increased wrinkles, rough skin, soft backache legs, fatigue, vaginal dryness, breast atrophy.

Maintain good living habits in daily life, not smoking, drinking, or staying up late. It is recommended that women move for at least 30 minutes a day. In addition, premature ovarian failure is not unprecedented. Once you find that your menstrual flow is reduced or suddenly discontinued, you should go to the doctor in time. Female friends are advised to check their bodies at least once a year and find timely treatment in time.

3. Brain

From the age of 35, our brain began to aging, and the number of nerve cells in the brain began to decrease at a speed of 10,000 per day, thereby affecting memory, coordination and brain function. How to make the brain grow slower? It is recommended to chew slowly. When the teeth are chewing food, the blood flow of the brain will increase significantly, which can ensure the blood supply to the brain and maintain normal thinking activities. In addition, chat helps to stimulate the connection between brain nerve cells, promote brain thinking, and delay the gradual aging of the brain, as if doing “health exercises” for the brain.

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