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The three parts should be noticed by women’s anti -aging

Every woman wants to be young forever, but do you know which parts are the easiest to see that you are old? Now I will tell you that women’s anti -aging should pay attention to these three parts.

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1. Hair

Many women in modern times like to dye their hair, and hot dyeing not only hurts the hair, but also brings other health problems.


Studies have pointed out that if women have hair dyeing more than 12 times a year, the probability of her lymphoma will be 26%higher than women who never dye their hair. A survey of 1300 women in Yale University in the United States found that women with black hair for more than 25 years have twice the risk of illness than others. In addition, contact dermatitis caused by hair dyeing accounts for about 10%of the hair dyed people.

Reminder: Do not dye your hair more than twice a year

Experts suggest that women do not exceed twice per year. Before dyeing your hair, you must do skin testing; do not use hair dye for more than half a year; if you want to pursue fashion, it is best to choose a local picked dye; the scalp has wounds, chronic diseases, pregnant or pregnant women should not scald with hair.

2. Breast

Breasts are parts of close relationship with women’s aging, and one of the most vulnerable parts of women. While breasts bring us self -confidence and beauty, they are often dangerous. Breast cancer is the first malignant tumor that endangers the health and life of women in our country. Some studies have found that if women have performed artificial abortion, the chance of breast cancer will increase greatly; if women often wear lace or nylon bra Email disorders.

If you wear too many lace or nylon -made bras for a long time, it is likely to cause symptoms of lactating disorders in women.

Reminder: Women must learn to check their breasts

Each woman should learn to check the breasts by themselves, such as touching the breast with fingers when bathing, do not work too much when touching, and the clockwise direction is in order in the middle of the breast. Hurry up to seek medical treatment.

3. Holler belt

Compared with men, women are more likely to strain the ligaments of the joints such as knees and ankles. This is because women’s hips are wide, which makes the ligament bearing too much. Therefore, women’s ligaments are naturally more fragile than men. Secondly, women’s exercise reactions are generally slower than men. When they are in danger, they cannot be relieved in time, and they are more likely to be injured.

Reminder: Pay special attention to ligaments before and after menstruation

Experts point out that ligaments are the most vulnerable for a week during menstruation and after menstruation, and it is not easy to protect women’s aging. It is recommended that female friends do less response and high accuracy exercise during menstruation, as well as exercise that requires moving left and right to dance, playing, and playing.

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