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The three prongs of Chinese medicine let you lose weight easily

TCM weight loss is divided into ear therapy, umbilical therapy and acupuncture therapy, with three prongs.

Ear therapy:

Paste the acupoints of the body with the developed Chinese herbal medicines, which acupoints are pasted, and doctors choose according to different individuals. Such as more acupuncture points to regulate women’s endocrine and improve gastrointestinal function. The Chinese medicine on the acupoint on the ears should be pressed frequently during treatment. Do not tear it off when you go home. Even if it is wet, it does not matter, and moisture helps the drug absorption again.

Umbilical therapy:

It is also applied to the navel with the developed pure Chinese medicine. Keep 3-7 days, and then change it again. If you are wet when taking a bath, you don’t need to worry about affecting the effect. After the water, it is more conducive to re -absorbing the drug through the skin. The biggest advantage of umbilical therapy is that it can reduce the excess fat of the abdomen. At the same time, it can also regulate gastrointestinal function, which can inhibit excessive gastric acid secretion, correct abnormal appetite, and promote metabolism.


Doctors will choose some acupuncture points, with a needle time for 40 minutes. Acupuncture does not hurt, like a little ant biting it. After tied, there is no needle eye, there are some blue purple phenomena, but it will disappear soon. It is required to be pierced once a day. The above three therapies are used at the same time, synergistic. For how many days are a course of treatment, there is no fixed number, and it is determined according to the degree of personal obesity. People with sensitive constitutions can achieve weight loss at ten times.

Precautions in the course of treatment:

1. Women during menstruation, pregnancy or nurturing; patients with severe hypertension and mental patients are prohibited from adopting this therapy.

2. Pay attention to the scientific diet. High sugar, high fat, high starch, fried foods are forbidden. Don’t drink drinks, tea is best. To supplement protein, you can eat a bit of refined meat.

3. Do not do severe exercise, do not advocate a large amount of exercise, and do not advocate exercise with strong endurance. You can take a walk, dance, sit up, and do not jump the beauty exercises and swimming.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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