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The top ten of the world’s top ten is the best instant noodles

Recently, a list of “Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten Instant Noodles in the World” on the Internet has attracted the attention of many netizens. This list shows that Japan with instant noodles is the country with the most “Top Ten Worlds Top Ten World”. China also has a shortlisted aspect, but it is not a mainland product.

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Ranking: Indonesian instant noodles are praised “the best”

The “Top Ten Top Ten Facilities in the World” rankings have recently swept Weibo and major forums. This ranking is the American instant noodle enthusiast Hans Lienesch and compared the delicious instant noodles TOP10 selected by hundreds of instant noodles in various countries around the world.

This ranking adopts the display method from low -level to high levels. Each instant noodle uses a packaging picture, a physical picture and the product name and origin, and is equipped with a brief evaluation of the author. For example, the tenth KOKA can not be fried with black pepper flavor. The place of origin is marked as Singapore. It is evaluated as “the taste of black pepper and noodles is fused, and the low calories are very delicious.”

The only instant noodles from China are ranked 9th. The chicken flavor of doll noodles produced in Hong Kong is on the list. The invention of instant noodles Japan is the country with the most “Top Ten Worlds” types with the most types of instant noodles. There are 4 kinds of instant noodles on the list.

It may be surprising that there are three Chinese stool products in Indonesia and the top ranking. The first -ranking “The best instant noodles in the world” is the special dressing of Yingduo Curry fried noodles produced in Indonesia. “This is the strongest, fascinating spicy sweetness and sour taste.”

Survey: Chongqing people love to eat Master Kang red -roasted beef noodles

For this ranking, netizens expressed their opinions. Some netizens laughed and said, “Master Kang Obviously did not participate in the review”, and some netizens said that “no matter how delicious, it is also junk food”, and some netizens miss a certain brand of instant noodles. Chicken flavor, cook with electric cups to eat super delicious! “

Some netizens who have eaten some instant noodles in the list enthusiastically express their opinions. Netizens “Ms. Chen Xiaomei, who is unwilling to disclose the name” said: It is deeply that Sinchen Noodles is much better than KOKA. Netizen “Huang Weich HWQ” is straightforward: Fifth delicious!

Netizens’ reactions are the case. The reporter conducted a random visit. By analyzing the results of the interview, the reporter found that most of the people interviewed in Chongqing had never eaten or only had instant noodles on the list.

A kind of instant noodles in the list of Chongqing citizens are generally ranked 7th in BLACK, which ranks seventh in Nongxin Single Noodles in South Korea. The reason is that this brand of instant noodles can be easily obtained through online shopping. Moreover, some physical stores selling imported foods in Chongqing are sold. Miss Wang, who is engaged in media work, talked about she has seen it in a store like Yangjiaping.

Some netizens immediately looked for instant noodles on Taobao after watching the list. Among the citizens interviewed, most of them indicate that the instant noodles within the list of online shopping are not available. Some people say that “when you think of instant noodles, you think of preservatives and do not like to eat.” Some citizens think that there are still many types in supermarkets. For I am exactly enough. “

Among the citizens interviewed, the most popular is the well -known Master Kang red -roasted beef noodles and unified old -fashioned sauerkraut beef noodles.

Netizen: Receive the best noodles in China

Hans Lienesch selected the top ten best instant noodles in the world. Some Chinese netizens also selected the top ten in the country according to their own life experience. The netizen named “My Neighbor Totoro Bus” talked about his “qualifications”. When he was said to be in school, he associated with instant noodles. Master Kang, white elephant. All kinds of noodles have always changed to eat. “

The display method of this list is similar to the list made by Hans Lienesch, all with pictures and text. In this list, Master Kang ranked first in the list. Excerpt, the first should be unconvinced, right? “

There are not only instant noodles but also other types in the list. The third ranking is the small raccoon simply noodles, and the fifth ranking is the new -generation shiitake mushroom stewed chicken noodles. In addition, the instant noodles on the list cover the brand of mainstream domestic instant noodles. Master Kang, unity, grain dojo, rice flower fragrance, etc. are all among them.

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The top ten in the world is the best instant noodle

10th place KOKA non -fried fried noodles black pepper flavor (Singapore)

9th doll noodle chicken flavor (Hong Kong)

8th Sapporo Salt Salt Ramen (Japan)

The 7th Nongxin Xinxin Ramen BLACK (South Korea)

Sixth place Judging House China Ramen Salt Flavor (Japan)

Fifth Star Curry Special Edition (Indonesia)

The 4th Sapporo Soy Sauce Flavor Ramen (Japan)

No. 3 Nikko Midtop egg yolk sauce fried noodles (Japan)

The second camp, the noodle noodle roasted chicken flavor treasure costume (Indonesia)

No. 1 Capture Multi -Curry Fried Noodles (Indonesia)

News background “

The convenience of instant noodles has a long history in the world

Instant noodles are pasta that can be cooked and consumed by a simple method invented by Japan.In 1955, the Japanese market appeared to make simple pasta into “baby ramen”, which was very popular.

Starting from this, on August 25, 1958, Ando Baifu, the founder of Riqing Food Company, sold the world’s first bag of instant noodles -bags “chicken soup ramen”.Later, Riqing Company gradually launched the instant noodles packaged separately, and added cup instant noodles in 1971.

Instant noodles are not only very popular in Japan, but also the same abroad. The United States and European countries can buy them in supermarkets.In China, the popularity of instant noodles is extremely popular, especially among the busy people.Some netizens joked that instant noodles are the favorite of crowds.

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