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The two -year -old person’s two personality helps longevity

Over the past few years, researchers participating in the New England Centennial Old Man who participated in the University of Boston Medical College have concentrated their attention on those who are over the age of the centennial (women are 102 years old), as well as their siblings and spouses , Children. Now, this study has discovered the interesting characteristics of longevity people:

They are not fat, most of them are thinner;

They can usually maintain a sensitive mind. For those -related diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, they can also avoid or delay their development trends;

They usually deal with stress well.

In a study of these descendants of these centenarians, the latter statement confirmed. Researchers made a series of personalized tests for them, and randomly selected the same test as another person in their age. After comparing the results, the following two traits may help extend our lives:

Tracks one, low god. This is the personality characteristics of Woodyallen, which is used to measure negative emotions such as frustration and anxiety. Those who have long -lived their children, regardless of men and women, are far lower than the average.

Traits two, high extraordinary. In social testing, the children of those centenarians are at the forefront. Women’s scores in pleasant tests are high, which means that they are good at cooperation; among the male sons of the centenarians, the older part of the person is only in the average state in this test. Researchers have made special notes on the outbreak results, because it is higher than people’s imagination at any age, although it will gradually decrease over time.

Scientists’ conclusions are: low neurotic and high -oriented are good for health and help longevity. And a little bit of anxiety and restlessness is not good for health.

Top ten signs of long life

1. I feel 13 years younger than the actual age. A survey of 500 elderly people over the age of 70 showed that it feels 13 years younger than the actual age, which is an important factor in longevity. Yam Smith, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, said: “I feel young and healthy, which will enhance people’s optimism and confidence in defeating difficulties. In turn, it will help reduce stress, enhance the immune system, and eventually reduce the risk of illness.

2. Follow fashion. A survey in the United States shows that many centenarians will send emails to search friends who have lost contact through Google, and even date online. Researchers pointed out that the latest technology not only helps the elderly to be active in intelligence, but also help enhance social capabilities.

3. Starting 52 years of menopause starts. A number of studies have shown that the delay of menopause means increased life. According to Jian Mienjin, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University School of Medicine, delayed menopause will greatly reduce the risk of women with heart disease.

4. Small heat intake daily. American researchers have found that the daily calorie intake is limited to 1400 kcal -2000 kcal, and the heart function is the same as those 15 years younger than them.

5. Pulse 15 seconds and 15 times. Most people’s static heart rate is 60-100 times per minute. The less heartbeat, the healthier the body. Dr. Lesley Cao, director of the female cardiovascular center of the Clevelan Clinic, said that the slower heart rate means that your heart can complete the mission of transporting blood without working too hard.

6. Don’t snore. A 18 -year study found that the life expectancy of normal people is three times that of patients with heavy sleep respiratory suspension syndrome.

7. The abdomen is flat after menopause. According to a study of the Institute of Aging, the risk of death facing women with too full waist is 20%higher than ordinary people.

8. Vitamin D in the blood is high. Dr. Adid Kimde, a surgeon assistant professor at the University of Colorado, said that the vitamin D content in each milliliter of blood should be maintained at least 30 micrograms. Vitamin D can not only reduce osteoporosis, but also reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and infectious diseases.

9. Cheerful personality. A new study in Sweden shows that the probability of dementia with cheerful personality is about 50%lower, and it is not vulnerable to external pressure. This is related to the low level of cortisol in their brains. There are many measures to reduce cortisol levels, such as often meditation, drinking black tea, and nap.

10. Run 40 minutes a day. After California scientists conducted a 21 -year follow -up investigation of runners and non -runners, they concluded that middle -aged people ran a 40 -minute life every day and had stronger cognitive functions.

(Editor in charge: Teng Xiaolan)

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