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There are 5 cases of breasts, so be alert to mastitis

Mastitis is one of the common breast diseases of women. After lactation and menopause, it is a period of high incidence of mastitis. Mastitis will not only affect women’s health, but the discomfort caused by inflammation will affect daily work and life. If the following symptoms occur, female friends should be alert to whether they suffer from mastitis.

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1. Nipple prefix


When the symptoms of nipple discharge during non -lactation, the general discharge is brown, bloody or dark red. When the discharge is bloody and bloody, most of them should be paid attention. Most of them are pathological overflow. Essence

2. Change of breast appearance changes

Mastitis is common in the breasts of the breast, and the symptoms of breast appearance such as orange peel, edema, color change, and eczema will occur locally.

3. Breast pain


Breast pain is a common symptom of mastitis. The pain will increase when pressing the breast, and it will be accompanied by symptoms of breast swelling.

4. Breast mass, abscess

The breasts can touch the lumps when the mastitis seizures, about the size of the broad beans, the lump is hard, and the activity is moderate. In addition, when the symptoms of breastitis are worse, necrosis and liquefaction occur in breast tissue, resulting in the occurrence of abscess.

5. Systemic symptoms of mastitis

If mastitis is not treated in time, as the disease develops, patients will experience complications such as fever, tremor, and accelerated heartbeat. At the same time, breast swelling and pain will increase, and breast skin will be red and swollen. Essence

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