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There are 5 “tuberculosis” in 28 children, and doctors sort out the main points of tuberculosis!

Just after the summer vacation, dozens of parents in a kindergarten in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, are worried about their children. According to many parents, said that a teacher in the park was found to have tuberculosis during the summer vacation, and then 28 children and 4 faculty members of the park had infected the tuberculosis and also became tuberculosis. Bacteria, 5 of them are diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Jiangyin City Disease Prevention and Control Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) confirmed the above statement to Peng Mei News. Five children who have been diagnosed with tuberculosis are currently suspended from school and treated with treatment. Another 23 children infected with Tubivible Tubivy are undergoing preventive medication.

According to Jiangyin’s official introduction, after the relevant epidemic was monitored in early July, the functional departments and territories did a lot of work. Experts from the Provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention participated in the support and explained face -to -face interpretation with parents. Well -known experts conduct consultations. At present, the kindergarten has completed the screening of more than 290 teachers and students in the kindergarten. There are currently no new tuberculosis cases, and the condition has not further spread.


1. What are the symptoms of tuberculosis? What are the early symptoms?

2. How to infect it? Will contact with patients be contagious?

3. What examinations do you need to do to confirm the diagnosis?

4. How to treat it?


Tuberculosis is still one of the most serious public health threats in the global scope. First of all, let us look at the two sets of data.

■ Investigation of the Fifth Tuberculosis Popularity of Tuberculosis in China in 2010 shows:

? The prevalence of activity of lung tuberculosis at the age of 15 and above is 459/100,000, and the prevalence of Tuyang tuberculosis is 66/100,000;

? Rural activity and Tuyang’s prevalence is 569/100,000 and 78/100,000;

? Urban activity and Tuyang’s disease rate is 307/100,000 and 49/100,000;

? Drug resistance rate is 6.8%(19/280);

? The awareness rate of public tuberculosis prevention and treatment is only 57.0%;

The World Health Organization estimates that the number of new lung tuberculosis in my country in 2014 was 930,000, ranking third in the world.

■ my country’s latest legal reporting lung tuberculosis statistics:

In May 2018, a national legal report infectious diseases -10,2063 people and 182 deaths were checked;

In June 2018, the legal report of infectious reports in Shanghai -603 people with a verified disease;

In July 2018, the legal report in Shanghai was 591 people with a verified disease.

The ancient book of “tuberculosis” is also called “lung”. In the past, the medical level was backward, and the ten crickets were dead. Now, with the application of anti -tuberculosis drugs, many tuberculosis patients can be cured in time. However, the development of medicine has given many people’s illusion. They feel that tuberculosis is far away from us, but is it really that?

About 8 questions and 8 answers to the infectious disease killer “tuberculosis”, how much do you know?

Q1: What is “tuberculosis”?

“Tuberculosis” is caused by tuberculosis infection. Chronic infectious diseases that occur in lung tissue, trachea, bronchial and pleural. The most often involved organ is the lungs, called “tuberculosis”.

Q2: “Tuberculosis” is so terrible. How did it spread?

TB patients are the main source of infection. The tuberculosis is mainly transmitted through the droplets produced by sneezing, speaking, and singing through the “positive” tuberculosis patients.

Special reminder tips:

① Not all patients with tuberculosis are contagious. Only some patients with tuberculosis have tuberculosis, which is a positive patient we often call phlegm. Infection and dissemination of tuberculosis;

② After healthy people inhaled the droplets with tuberculosis, although they will be infected, only a few people will really have tuberculosis due to the strong immunity of the human body. This is why we clinical tuberculosis experiments (PPD) and tuberculosis T cell spot test (T-SPOT) specificity is not strong.

Q3: After the tuberculosis is inhaled into the respiratory tract, how is it ill?

The pathogenic process of tuberculosis is divided into four stages:

First stage: Tuberculosis Bacteria was devoured by macrophages

The second stage: cell inflammation factor destroying the normal structure of the alveolar wall

Third stage: tuberculosis nodules and cheese -like necrosis formation

Fourth stage: tuberculosis granuloma formation, tuberculosis bacteria spread to the lungs and other organs cause infection

Tuberculosis can cause tuberculosis in the lungs through the last four stages in the lungs.

Q4: “Tuberculosis” is really a ruthless character. How can you remember it?

“Tuberculosis” infection and pathogenic can be described as a set. The knowledge points are too broken and too much. How do you remember? How can we truly understand tuberculosis, identify him, discover it, and destroy it?

Not in a hurry, Meng Zai tells you today: Tuberculosis is actually very simple -a few chart Easy!

Are you ready? A large wave of beautiful maps are coming …

Q5: How to type “tuberculosis”?

The typical type of tuberculosis is clinically significant. Each classification is different, lesions, severity, symptoms, CT manifestations, and contagious.

Q6: What are the symptoms and signs of “tuberculosis”?

New special reminder Tips:

The above is a typical clinical symptoms and signs of tuberculosis. In clinical work, it is difficult to see such “standard” patients due to antibiotic abuse and tuberculosis drug resistance. Most patients with tuberculosis may have no cough, sputum, hemoptysis, and even no regular afternoon low heat and night sweats. Sometimes the prosecution may only be weak and weight loss. Q7: How to check the “tuberculosis” and what are the diagnostic ideas?

Although the early symptoms of tuberculosis are not obvious, patients have clearly made the diagnosis and active treatment of the disease as soon as possible. The earlier the discovery of the tuberculosis, the smaller the lesions, and the lower the difficulty of disease treatment.

When we encounter suspicious tuberculosis, positive sputum, and clinical diagnostics, how do we deal with him?

The hat of “tuberculosis” was built, and the next step was active treatment.

Q8: How to regulate the treatment after the diagnosis of “tuberculosis”?

1. Understand what are the anti -tuberculosis drugs

2. Different types of tuberculosis, and the drug treatment plan is also different!

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