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There are 7 misunderstandings in self -diagnosis of impotence

Modern medicine has a concise definition for impotence: this is a penis erection disorder, usually refers to the penis cannot erected or erected in the case of sexual stimulation and sexual desire. Perform and complete sexual life. In fact, this definition requires the following explanations: First, this sexual stimulus must come from the adequate stimulus of the spouse; second, it should be judged by whether to complete the sexual intercourse; The couple’s running -in at least 2 to 3 months, with the practical experience of sexual life to make a valuation; fourth, any extramarital sex will bring deviations on judgment. If these principles are deviated, it is easy to misunderstand the self -judgment and put on the hat of impotence.

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It is easy for people to fall into the following misunderstandings when judging impotence:

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1. Several sexual intercourse in the early days of marriage as impotence. This situation is quite common. In fact, there must be the principles of 2 to 3 months after the start of sexual life between the spouse. At the beginning of the wedding, especially the wedding night, it was too excited, tired, and even drunk; or due to the lack of cooperation between couples during the wedding stage, it caused a poor erectile function. Originally, it was not surprising. There are also individual newlywed couples who are not in good faces. They have tasted the ban on fruits before marriage. At that time, they worked, tried, nervous, and fearful. This situation should be more adjusted in the intercourse after marriage.

2. See the orgasm and pleasure of not being able to arouse women’s lust and pleasure. This is a bigger error. As long as the man’s penis can be erected and placed, as long as the man can successfully complete the ejaculation and reach the orgasm through sexual traffic, it is not impotence, even if it appears with sexual pleasure. One of the characteristics of men and women’s sexual function is “men’s fast and female slow”, so if the man has ejaculated, the woman has not yet entered a orgasm. This is a physiological phenomenon. At most, it is not harmonious in sexual life. It should never be considered impotence.

3. Think of masturbation will inevitably cause impotence. It is more common among unmarried youths and is wrong. Needless to say, masturbation is a common behavior of adolescents. Indeed, some people are worried that masturbation will induce impotence, and some people really have impotence. However, modern medicine has stated that the occurrence of such impotence is not essentially because masturbation damage the sexual organs, but it is precisely the long -term masturbation causes spiritual and psychological factors. In fact, the psychological activity of masturbation is very complicated, and it is often in anxiety, guilt, depression, and uneasiness. This unhealthy thinking activity hinders the normal performance of sexual function. However, even a long -term masturbation person, as long as the above -mentioned spiritual “bumps” can be lifted, impotence may not occur.

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