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There are 8 “heating” switches on your body, which is warm as soon as possible!

“You are in the sun in the south

I am in the cold night in the north, four seasons like spring “

Whenever the cold current strikes, in the south without heating

Only heater and electric blanket cannot be disappointed

But the old Chinese medicine will tell you: The human body comes with the “heating” switch, and the eight -keeping acupoint massage will be warm. People who know are bidding farewell to the heater.



As the saying goes: cold from your feet. Many people feel cold in winter. No matter how thick socks and cotton shoes are used, in fact, there is a heating switch on the feet called “Yongquan Point”, which is an important point for health and disease prevention.

It is especially suitable for the elderly who are deficient in kidney, fear of cold, lack of physical fitness, and mental weakness.

Acupoints: Yongquan acupoint is located at the heart of the foot, at 1/3 of the depression in front of the soles.

Massage method: rubbing with your feet every day, or rubbing your left foot with your right hand, rubbing your right foot with your left hand, insisting on massage can make your energy vigorously, enhance your physique, and improve the coldness.



“Lingshu” records: “Insufficient yang and more than yin, then intestinal pain in the cold in the cold … Towred to Zusanli.” In winter, you can rub the foot three miles to make up for the qi and warm the lower limbs.

Acupoints: When the legs are curved, there is a small bone above the knee joint of the knee joint called the outer knee eyes. From the outer knee eyes, the four horizontal fingers are the Zusanli.

Massage method: Use your thumb to focus on Zusanli, forcefully force, press down, and slowly rub. The other four fingers fists or open, and the stimulus can fully achieve the deep muscle tissue, produce sour, hemp, swelling, pain and other feelings. After a few seconds of seconds, it gradually relax and repeatedly operate several times.



The cold season is cold and easy to diarrhea. The “heating” switch on the abdomen is the navel that is usually “unbelievable” — Shenzhang Point, treating diarrhea, abdominal pain around the umbilical, prolapse of the anus, five dripping, the woman’s blood is not subject to the fetus, the stroke is removed, and the stroke is removed. Certificate, etc.

Acupoint: The center of the navel.

Massage method: Put your hands on your belly button before going to bed every night, and rub it with clockwise and counterclockwise until heated, which can warm the abdomen, rosy complexion, alleviate symptoms such as abdominal pain and intestines, edema expansion, and diarrhea.



Yangchi acupoint is one of the commonly used acupoints of the Shaoyang Sanjiao Jing. It is a place where Yangqi is born.

Acupoint: The middle point in the back of the wrist.

Massage method: Stimulate Yangchi acupoints, long time, and slow force, and rubbing with both hands can relieve the symptoms of cold hands.


Work hard work

There is another “heating” switch in his hand, which is in the palm of your hand, called Laogong Point, known as Wuli, Palm, and Ghost Road.

Acupoints: In the palm of the hand, when the second and third palm bones are biased between the third palm bone. When the fist fingers, it is located at the middle finger and ring fingertips.

Massage method: Pressing, rubbing and other methods can be used to massage counterclockwise. Press for about 10 minutes per hole, 2 to 3 times a day, which can play a role in warming hands to help heat, nourish the heart, and promote sleep.

Acupoint six

Shoulder well

Why can massage and neck not only enter the blood circulation but also make people feel warm on the shoulders and necks?

Because the “heating” switch on the shoulder is the shoulder well, it can also help relieve neck and shoulder soreness and light pillow.

Acupoints: The midpoint of the connection between Dazhui and the shoulder peak end, straight in the front of the milk.

Massage method: Those who are massaged are taken to sit, the massagers stand behind them, open their hands and tiger open, and they are together with four fingers, and naturally put them together on the shoulder well of the massage. The four fingers and thumbs are relatively rhythmic. Power and time should be appropriate, especially those with hypertension or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Acupoint Seven


In the Dazhui acupoint, the yang heat of the hands and feet, the sun, and the yang of the sun converged and the head and neck with the yang of the Guanmai, which is equivalent to the general switch of the “heating” of the whole body.

Acupoints: When bowing your head, the most obvious bone protrusion behind the neck.

Massage method: When showering at home, rinse the shower head at the back of the neck with hot water, which can make you feel warm in the cold season. Generally, the shower time should not be too long (not more than 20 minutes). People with weak or cardiovascular disease should also reduce the time as appropriate. The water temperature should be about 40 ° C.

Acupuncture eight


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the kidney is open to the ear”, and often massage the ears in winter, which can not only prevent frostbite, but also help the kidney health and smoothness of qi and blood.

Three massage methods:

Pull earlobe: Rub the earlobe with both thumbs and index finger to the fever, and then pull down the earlobe 15 to 20 times.

Tip of the ears: Use your own hands to pinch the upper outline of your two ears, so that the tip of the ears is properly ticked. When the ticked, the thumb and index finger presses the tip of the ear by the way, and wait until the fever is pressed.

Ear wheels: The thumb is placed on the inside of the ear wheel, the remaining four fingers are placed outside the ear wheels, rubbing for 2 to 5 minutes, and then pinching up to feel the fever.

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