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There are cancers in the body, skin prophets?Reminder: Itching in 4 parts may be “active” of cancer cells

“Apricum” itching is unbearable, and it is a tumor!



Aunt Liu has been troubled by a “unspeakable hidden” in this six months. Itchy manifestations often appear near her anus, like an ant climbing, which affects her life.

During this time, she used a lot of drugs for treating eczema. Chinese medicine and western medicine had tried it. The symptoms were still unable to alleviate. Every day, the itching parts needed to be slightly more comfortable.

In the case of a last resort, she went to seek medical treatment “fully armed”. During the examination, the doctor found that Aunt Liu’s anus had a moss -like skin lesion, and the bleeding point caused by scratching. Essence

The doctor suggested that Aunt Liu had a pathological biopsy, and she felt that the doctor did a lot of questions.

Under the insistence of the doctor, Aunt Liu took the sample and conducted a biopsy. A few days later, the results of the biopsy show that Aunt Liu suffered from eczema -like cancer. Fortunately, the resection is timely without causing irreversible consequences.

I believe that when many people come in winter, there may be symptoms of skin itching. After reading Aunt Liu’s story, it is a bit scared. Itching may be caused by cancer?

First, why does the skin itch as soon as it arrives in winter?

There is a great relationship between itching of skin and cold weather in winter. In cold weather, the oil secretion of sebaceous glands on the surface of the skin will be reduced, which will easily lead to damage to the skin barrier and induce skin itching.

Some people are because the frequency of bathing in winter is too frequent, the water temperature is too high, or the alkaline soap is used, and then the surface of the skin is dry, it is easy to induce itching of the skin, and the symptoms of dry autumn and winter will be particularly serious.

The skin itching of the elderly is related to the loss of skin secretion function after the age, which causes the dry skin to dry the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands.

When the skin is too dry, it will cause it to lose lubrication protection, the barrier function will also decrease, and then it will induce skin itching symptoms.


Second, often skin itching? Or 3 diseases are stunned

It should be reminded that itching of the skin often appears. In addition to physiological reasons, it may also be caused by disease factors. These three diseases may cause itching of the skin.

A thyroid dysfunction: The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine glands in the human body and is responsible for secreting thyroid hormones. This hormone is very important for health.

Some people cause abnormal parathyl secretion due to various factors. For example, hyperthyroidism can cause symptoms such as rising basal metabolism and sweating, which may cause itching of the skin. Decreased thyroid function will induce mucus edema and then let the skin make the skin Dipping and desquamation occur, inducing itching symptoms.

Diabetes: The blood sugar in patients with diabetes will be much higher than ordinary people. This will cause plasma and tissue osmotic pressure to change, the nerve endings will be stimulated, and then itching symptoms will occur.

Uremia: Itching of the skin caused by uremia is more common on the limbs and backs. Patients often have a severe itching sensation at night, which seriously affects normal sleep.

Third, the body has cancer, the skin report? Itching of 4 parts, alert may be cancer alert

When some special parts of the body appear itching, you need to be alert to the signal of cancer. Once you find it, you should seek medical treatment in time.

1. Prudent neck

Lymphoma is likely to cause itching symptoms in the neck. While itching symptoms appear, it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as abnormal lymph nodes, decreased weight, and fever. cause.

2. Anal itching

After suffering from anorectal diseases, it is likely to further cause symptoms of visual itching, which contains malignant tumors such as anal cancer. Anal cancer can cause patients with abnormal perianal bleeding, foreign body sensation, and itching symptoms. These symptoms will occur repeatedly, and it is difficult to relieve after conventional treatment.


3. Breast itching

Most of the causes of breast itching are physiological, and generally appear before menstruation, which can be relieved after menstruation. However, if you find itchy that cannot be recovered for a long time on the breast, and abnormal manifestations such as erosion and exudate in the areola area, you must be alert to mammary cancer.

4. Octopus itching

Cervical cancer may cause patients with abnormal skin itching, especially in privacy. This is because tumor cells secrete some abnormal substances, and then stimulate the body to produce an immune response, and it will manifest itching symptoms on the skin. Cervical cancer patients often show menstruation and abnormal discharge.

Fourth, itchy skin, what should I do? Teach you 4 tricks

Itching of skin has a great impact on our normal life. For some pathological factors, medical treatment should be treated in time. For physiological reasons, these four methods can be improved.

1. Correct the bathing method

In winter, you don’t need to take a bath too often. When taking a bath, be careful not to use high water temperature, keep it at about 40 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to stimulate the skin, making the skin more dry and itching. After taking a shower, you can appropriately apply some moisturizing dew to relieve dryness. >

2. Choose pure cotton clothes

Cotton clothing will be more skin -friendly, and it will not cause irritation and burden to the skin, especially suitable for wearing in dry winter.

3. Diet improvement

In terms of diet, pay attention to reducing foods such as spicy stimulation, strong tea, coffee, etc. These foods may stimulate the skin and further increase the symptoms of skin itching.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water can make the skin hydrating, especially in dry winter, it is necessary to replenish water. It is recommended to keep daily water intake of about 2L.

Itchy skin may appear on most people. Occasionally, there is no need to worry too much. If abnormal itching occurs frequently, the medication cannot be relieved. With many other body abnormalities, you must be alert to whether it is a disease factors. Cosmetic treatment in time.

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