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There are children in the family, and the wind, heat and cold and cold cold are distinguished!

In the spring, the temperature changes and the weak resistance of children, these factors may cause children to have a cold if they are accidentally accidentally. Of course, the cold is to be cured, but the symptoms of different colds will also be different. Some children have colds and colds, and some children have colds and colds. They will have different symptoms for different colds, and they will be different in terms of treatment methods. what is it then?

Different types of colds and symptoms are different

Different types of colds are coming, and the human body will have different symptoms. Let’s take a look at the cold cold. The cold cold is generally prone to occur in the cold season, such as winter, late autumn, and early spring. Wind cold, as the name suggests, refers to the cold cold caused by the invasion of the cold. Children with cold colds will have fever, headache, pain, swelling of the pharynx, cold and cold, sweating, lighter tongue, cough, tight pulse, and nasal runny nose.

Let’s take a look at the wind and heat. Under normal circumstances, wind and heat will occur in a relatively warm season, such as spring, early summer, and early autumn. After children suffer from wind and heat, they will have symptoms such as fever, sweat or sweat, sweat, cold, redness, red tongue, and headache nasal congestion. The pulse beating speed is relatively fast.

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