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There are five taboos in the autumn old man medicine

Autumn is here, and the minor problems of many elderly people have begun to commit. Many elderly people think that “long -term disease self -cultivation”, they use their own dosage or types to increase or decrease the dose or type. When headache fever, they use headaches and antipyretics. This is easy to cover up the disease, delay the diagnosis, and affect the treatment. Should seek medical treatment first and take medicine in accordance with the doctor’s advice. Don’t take medicine. The elderly are not in time and are often accompanied by a variety of chronic diseases. They seek medical treatment everywhere. At the same time, they take drugs that treat various chronic diseases, which increases the adverse reactions of the drug.

39 Health Network Editor reminds you of elderly friends that the following five taboos should be paid to the following five taboos.

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There are five taboos in the autumn old man medicine

There are too many types: the more drugs taken for elderly patients, the more chances of adverse drug reactions. In addition, the elderly have poor memory and too many types of drugs, which can easily cause more, mistaken or forget, it is best to not exceed 3 to 4 at a time.

Excessive medication: Clinical medication does not increase with age. The medication of the elderly should be relatively reduced. Generally, 1/2 to 3/4 of the adult dose.

Drug abuse: Elderly people with chronic diseases should be used as little as possible, let alone abuse the medicine without clarifying the cause, so as not to cause adverse reactions or delay treatment.

The abuse of the three major “vegetarians”: antibiotics, hormones, and vitamins are commonly used by clinical use, but they cannot be regarded as universal drugs and prevent drug abuse, otherwise it will lead to serious adverse consequences.

Abuse of laxatives: Elderly people are susceptible to constipation, so they often take laxatives. In fact, the elderly are constipated. It is best to use the method of regulating the rhythm of life and eating habits to solve it, and develop the habit of regular defecation every day. If necessary, you can choose glycerin bolt or Casserto.

In addition to the elderly need to pay more attention in terms of medication, in terms of diet, the elderly may wish to eat more warm foods in autumn, such as fresh beef and mutton, drink more fish soup, bone soup, lamb soup stewed radish, etc. It is also easier to be absorbed by the human body. In addition, it must be paired with eggs, vegetables, and cereals.

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