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There are four ways to treat male premature ejaculation

How to treat male premature ejaculation? Patients with premature ejaculation first set their mindsets. Most patients should be caused by mental factors to eliminate tension and all anxiety factors. In addition, they need to eat reasonably to strengthen physical exercise. The method!

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How to treat male premature ejaculation 1. Penis head squeezing therapy

Treatment of male premature ejaculation can use the penis head squeezing therapy. The penis head pinching method is that the woman placed the thumb on the tie of the penis. The bell, and then suddenly relax the pressure applied, the direction is from the front to the back, and you must not press it to both sides.

How to treat male premature ejaculation 2. Movement and stop method

How to treat male premature ejaculation? When men feel that ejaculation “consciousness” should be reduced or stopped or stops the pumping amplitude and frequency of the penis in the vagina, and some decentralized language communication or other behaviors can be used. The new round of penis twitched and repeated this process until both the husband and wife were satisfied with ejaculation.

How to treat male premature ejaculation 3. Wife’s caressing

The treatment of men’s premature ejaculation can try the way of caressing his wife, let the men’s penis reach the degree of erection, and then let the husband lie on your back. The wife is sitting next to him or between his legs, which can be convenient to stimulate the penis with both hands. , Stop, and then massage after the ejaculation feels completely disappeared. Repeating more than 3 times in this way can increase the ejaculation threshold.

How to treat male premature ejaculation 4. Nourishing kidney Chinese herbal medicine

Men’s premature ejaculation can take some Chinese herbal medicines that nourish the kidneys. Generally, traditional Chinese medicine is the treatment of Liuwei Dihuang Pills, Wuzi Yanzong Wan, Zhibai Dihuang Wan, etc., and one of them can be used. You can buy it in general pharmacies.

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