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There are many benefits of wearing hats in winter

Old people should wear hats in winter more benefits

In winter, the cold is forced. For elderly people with weak constitution and more chronic diseases, if there is a winter hat, there are many benefits. Wearing a hat can not only keep warm, but also avoid diseases such as cold cold, cough, headache, facial nerve palsy (that is, oral eye crooked material) and other diseases.

1. Good for health care

After all, the blood vessels of the elderly are not as unobstructed as young people, and even a little hardened. If it is cold, it is inevitable that the cerebral vascular contraction is inevitable. It will feel dizzy and headache, and it will cause accidents. Therefore, the elderly cannot underestimate the health function of the hat. In addition, such as velvet caps, cloaks, etc., can also cover and protect the ears.

2. Protection function

A hat is in the head, in case a little bit of rubbing, the hat can be “buffered”. Not long ago, when the author passed a commercial building in South Dandong Road, he was “hit” by a blank disposable lighter from the upstairs. The elderly’s response is relatively slow, and the physical condition is more fragile than young people, so it is necessary to give appropriate protection.

Third, help keep warm

In order to prevent cold, people wear thick winter clothes and warm shoes, but many people do not have the habit of wearing hats. As everyone knows, the human head also needs to keep warm. What’s more, most elderly people have rare hair (easy to heat dissipation), and need hats to keep warm. The material of the winter hat can be a hat of wool, woolen, or down jackets. Anyway, the texture is thicker, and the warmth effect is better.

Fourth, beautiful features

If you buy a beautiful, fashionable hat, you can “wrap” the white hair; if the style and color of the hat match with the clothing, you can show the coordinated beauty of wearing. There is a dialect, saying “gimmick gimmicks, gimmick on the head”. The white head of the elderly can make the hat beautify!

In winter, wearing a hat is easy to cause hair loss hats. You should choose breathable and loose

As soon as the temperature drops, the hat and gloves are about to appear. But this is to keep the body warm and use it correctly. Experts remind: Winter hat cannot be worn for a long time, otherwise it will easily lead to hair loss.

It is necessary to wear a hat to keep the hat warm, especially the elderly. Most of the hair is relatively scarce, and the constitution is weak and afraid of cold and cold. Therefore, it is best to wear a hat to keep warm when going out. Headache, facial nerve palsy and other diseases.

Experts point out that wearing a hat for a long time will cause the scalp pores to breathe smoothly. The sebum accumulates in the scalp, which is easy to form dandruff, itching or skin inflammation, which will cause hair loss. The scalp is not tolerant, and the hat or helmet tightly on the head will make the bottom scalp not breathe for a long time. Especially at the hairline and hair root that is oppressed by the hat, it is more likely to be loses hair loss due to skin relaxation.

Therefore, when wearing a hat, we must first choose a slightly larger one than the head. Wearing it will not press the hair tightly to make the scalp with breathable room. Secondly, pay attention to the material. Those who love oily scalp should wear breathable and light hats. People who have weak constitutions and have cold physique should wear woolen or wool hats. Once again, we should be worn in the morning and evening when you go out. When you enter the room, you should remove it. When the sun is good at noon, the hair should be breathable.

People who have a tendency to rest should pay more attention to wear hats for a long time in order to cover the dilemma of less hair, combing their hair on time every day, massage the scalp, maintain a good mentality, and focus on nutritional balance in order to make the hair grow more firmly.

(Editor in charge: Teng Xiaolan)

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