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There are more than 10 million gout patients in our country, and “the roots of the scourge” have been taken out: these 4 kinds of food are large purine households

“As long as I eat a little more bean food, the gout will attack.”

“Coincidentally, my wife is too. Every time I eat soy products, I will have gout.”

In the park, a group of uncle and aunts talked about the topic of gout.

Uncle Zhang talked about his experience: “Last week, I ate 3 crabs and drank a glass of ice beer. I was awakened that night.My son drove me to the hospital. “

Bo Liu, who was sitting, also echoed: “I am too. After eating some crayfish and beer, the gout occurs, and the ankles are swollen into steamed buns. To me, seafood and beer are the causes of gout.”

“But my husband does not eat seafood, how can he suffer from gout?” Aunt Luo sighed deeply: “Every time he seizes, I look at his painful sweat and can’t get the bed.How do you come?

Uncle Zhang joked: “This disease is now high. The key is to avoid your mouth. If you are distressed by your husband, don’t touch the beer and pork, don’t eat tofu.” Don’t eat it. “

Uncle Liu is very puzzled: “Will eating tofu really induce gout? I heard that tofu can be eaten.”

Regarding whether the high incidence of gout is related to soy products, everyone discusses it fiercely.

In fact, Xiao Miao also encountered a lot of gout patients in the background that she dared not touch the bean products, and I didn’t know if she could eat it.


1. How is gout?

The culprit of gout is uric acid. Generally, most of the uric acid is dissolved in the blood and excretes the body through the kidneys. However, when too much uric acid exceeds the metabolic level, it will accumulate in the body to form gout.

The uric acid mainly comes from the purine in food and drinks, such as meat, seafood, alcohol -containing fine beverages, especially beer and other foods such as beer, as well as sweet beverages and juice to promote the production of endogenous uric acid.People who often love to eat these foods are more likely to be favored by gout.

In addition, overweight and obese people often like to consume too much high purine -containing food. The body is at the level of high metabolism, and it is more prone to hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperuricemia.Finally, gout also has a certain relationship with genetic factors.

How pain is the gout?Some people say that it is better to die as much as possible, and some people say that it is like a tiger biting your joint.

When the gout attack, it may only affect a single joint at first, but as the frequency of seizures increases, the pain will be even more severe.

The gout seizures are often at night, and it lasts for about six to 12 hours to reach the peak of pain.In addition to pain, gout may also cause gouty arthritis, kidney stones, nephritis, and even renal failure, which harms human health.Once this disease is suffering, it will be guarded by it.

2. There are more than 10 million gout patients in my country.

According to the stage data of the National Rheumatology Data Center, the prevalence of gout in my country is currently 1%-3%, and more and more young people are also troubled by gout.

In 2017, the current report of Chinese gout reports shows that the patients in my country have reached 170 million patients with hyperuricemia, of which more than 80 million people suffered from gout.And with an annual growth rate of 9.7%per year, it is expected that by 2020, the number of gout in my country exceeds 100 million.

High -protein foods are often high purine.As a result, soybean and its soybean products are also considered the culprit of gout, and even some medical staff also think that soy products can cause gout.

Doctor of food engineering did not point out that the purine content of dried soybeans is indeed not low. Among the 100 mg of the purine content of nearly 200 mg per 100 grams, it is already higher than pig mutton, chicken, and fish.

But we rarely eat soybeans, all eat soy milk or cook soybeans before eating.In this process, a part of the purine will be dissolved in water, and the increase in water content can also greatly reduce the purine content.

For example, the purine content of 10 grams of tofu is less than 70 mg, and the cooked soybeans are less than 50 mg, which is similar to broccoli, peas, and spinach.

A study published in “Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases” found that the higher the intake of animal animal protein, the higher the risk of high uric acid, but the higher the intake of plant protein, the higher the risk of high uric acid.The amount of soybeans has nothing to do with the risk of high uric acid. Soy milk and soymilk made of soy milk are negatively related to hyperuricemia.

In 2017, “Consensus on Multi -disciplinary Experts of Hyperurorate -related Diseases” also pointed out that soybean and soy products are not correlated with gout and hyperuricemia. You can eat soybeans and soy products appropriately.

Third, “Purine Daimers” are taken out, and 4 kinds of foods may raise uric acid

If you want to control the level of uric acid, pay more attention to your diet, and try not to intake high purine foods, especially people with gout and hyperuricemia.Generally speaking, the purine value per 100g of food is high purine food.

Animal internal organs: Common purine content in animal viscera, cooked duck liver, cooked foie gras, pork liver, and chicken liver is generally higher.Each 100 grams of cooked foie gras, 408 mg, 275mg/100g of pork liver, 398mg/100g of cooked duck liver.

Strong broth: Although the broth is fragrant, the purine content is not low.Generally, the pork broth is boiled for more than eight hours, and the purine content can reach 20 ~ 150 mg/100g. The longer the boiled time, the higher the purine content.Crispy foods: Like river crabs, hairy crabs, lobster, scallops, oysters, clams, oysters and other crustaceans, all belong to high purine foods, all exceeding 150 mg/100g.

Mushroom vegetables: There are also large purine households in vegetarian foods. The purine of mushrooms is generally relatively high. The purine of 100 grams of fresh shiitake mushrooms is about 214 mg, and dried shiitake mushrooms can reach 405 mg/100g.

4. How to avoid and control gout?

It is not difficult to prevent and control gout. It is recommended to start from 4 aspects to control the uric acid value within a reasonable range.

1. Keep your mouth

In diet, high purine foods should be completely avoided to restrict the intake of medium purine foods, but you should avoid lipstick and eat low purine food during acute attacks.

2. Open your legs

In addition to diet intake, long -term lack of exercise, sedentary will also slow down metabolism, affecting the excretion of uric acid.Therefore, it is recommended to sit up for half an hour and spend 30 minutes per day for medium -intensity aerobic exercise, such as running, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Square Dance are good choices.

3. Drink more water

Drinking plenty of water and urination helps to discharge uric acid and prevent uric acid kidney stones.It is recommended that gout patients drink at least 2000 ml of water a day, and patients with kidney stones are best to drink 3000 ml.If it is a group of renal insufficiency or abnormal cardiopulmonary function, the amount of drinking water should be controlled according to the condition.

4. Control weight

Obesity is also a risk factor for gout and hyperuricemia. The obese people should gradually control the weight and control the body quality index to below 25 to help prevent gout.


In short, no matter whether it is gout patients, lifestyle should be adjusted to control uric acid values to prevent and treat gout.


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