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There are “nodules” in the body, try to eat 5 “hair products” as much as possible, to hold back or help

“It’s all troubles that are caused by recipes!” Mrs. Liu regretted it.

The 65 -year -old Mrs. Liu always felt a little bit of crickets on her neck and was worried that it was lymphatic lesions. She went to the hospital for examination and found that there were nodules in the thyroid gland, but the nodules did not affect breathing.Essence

Mrs. Liu saw many cases about nodule cancer on the Internet. Although the doctor said that she did not need to intervene, she always couldn’t rest assured that she was worried that her nodules would be cancerous.

Inadvertently, Mrs. Liu saw that dandelion water can treat articles that can treat thyroid nodules, so she began to try to drink dandelion water every day.

After drinking it for half a year, in May this year, Mrs. Liu suddenly spit and diarrhea, and her body was thin. She went to the hospital to consult. The doctor informed that it might be related to drinking dandelion water and let her stop drinking dandelion water immediately.

Mrs. Liu was puzzled. Why did I have no effect after drinking for more than half a year? Instead, she sent herself to the hospital?Is the dandelion treatment nodule true or false?


First, dandelion is a good medicine for treating thyroid gland nodules and lung nodules?

There are a lot of posts on the Internet “About Dandelion Water Treatment of Thyroid Nodules and Lung Nodules”. Many people who do not know about thyroid nodules will try this way.

Zhang Ping, deputy director of thyroid surgery at the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, said that thyroid nodules are very common, and only 5%of the thyroid nodules may change evil. The others are basically mild, and the degree of malignancy is very low.No need to intervene.And as far as the current research, there are no drugs in the world that can treat thyroid nodules. Some recipes on the Internet cannot easily believe and take them without permission.

Qiu Xiaoqiong, a member of the Commissioner of the Department of Department of Department of Department of Department of Medicine of the Zhejiang Provincial Society of Chinese Medicine, also said that although dandelion has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, swelling and dispersion, it is impossible to eliminate nodules alone.

The formation of nodules is very complicated, and often involves environmental, physique, diet, etc. Everyone finds that the nodules should not be used blindly, and they should be used to use the medicine at the professional doctor.After discovering the lung nodules, do not blindly use the so -called “secret recipes” and “recipes” introduced by others. The correct approach is to go to the hospital for professional examination in time and follow the doctor’s instructions for treatment.

Two, 3 common nodules, analyze one by one

Nodules are actually not a disease. It belongs to a description of imaging, and its essence is a smaller volume.Nodules can occur in any part of the human body, the following three parts of the more common parts:

Lung Nodule: Circular nodules refer to circular or irregular lesions with a diameter of less than 3 cm in the lung diameter. Most patients do not have obvious symptoms. Its occurrence may be related to stimulation or pneumonia such as excessive inhalation of dust.For the diameter of less than 8 mm, the benign nodules generally do not need to be removed. You can do a low -dose spiral CT once a year.

Breast nodules: Breast nodules are lumps in the breast. The nodules are small. The patient has no obvious symptoms. When the nodules increase, breast pain may be possible.Breast nodules are generally found that the bearing nodules generally only need to be reviewed regularly for benign nodules, and for women with a family history of breasts, or nodules may need surgical treatment last year.

Thyroid nodules: The thyroid nodules are long on the throat knot and the sides of the trachea. Usually, the ultrasonic discovery is usually done during the physical examination.Pain performance.95%of the thyroid nodules are benign, and they can be reviewed once a year.Du Yu needs more than 2 cm nodules or suspicion of malignant nodules, and further treatment needs to be treated.

Third, how far is the body’s detection of nodules from cancer?3 kinds of nodules should pay special attention

Many human body inspections are found “nodules”, and they are always worried that it is pre -cancer lesions. How far is nodules from cancer?

Dr. Deng Lili, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, said that few benign nodules may occur with cancer. This probability is about 1%-3%, generally no more than 5%.The specific time from nodules to cancer cannot be determined at present, mainly because nodules and cancer are two types of diseases, and the specific time needs to vary from person to person.

So which kind of nodule cancer is high?These three nodules should pay special attention.

Nodules with more than 1 cm:

The smaller the nodules, the more tend to be benign. If the nodule exceeds 1 cm, it must be paid attention to, and it is more likely to be more likely.

Nodules with unclear borders:

The benign nodules generally have clear boundaries and good activity. On the contrary, the shape of the malignant nodules is generally irregular, the boundary is blurred, and the activity is poor.

The texture with a hard texture:

Generally, the soft lumps are more tendency to be benign, while the quality of hard, fixed or solid mass is very likely to be malignant.

Fourth, people with nodules in the body, try to eat 5 “hair products” as little as possible

The nodules were told that they should eat less “hair products”. In fact, the hair products do not have a clear range. Generally, they often refer to foods that are rich in nutrients or irritating, which is easy to induce or aggravate a certain disease.The following 5 kinds of foods should be avoided.

1. Seafood food

Seafood contains high nutritional ingredients, excess nutrition, and easily leads to worsening nodules. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat seafood with nodules.

2. Foods with higher iodine content

For patients with thyroid nodules, excessive intake of iodine will increase the burden on thyroid and stimulate the occurrence of thyroid diseases.Therefore, these people try to avoid iodized salt, seaweed, kelp and other foods as much as possible.3. Alcohol

Alcohol has a irritating effect on nodules, which can promote the growth of nodules, and even cause worsening nodules.

4. High -fat food

Eating a large amount of high -fat foods is not only not conducive to gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, but also stimulate nodules, making nodules continue to increase.

5. Foods with high estrogen

For people with breast nodules, it is not recommended to eat foods with high estrogen content such as soybeans and royal jelly. These foods can promote estrogen secretion and is not conducive to the control of breast nodules.

Do not take a “one -size -fits -all” attitude towards nodules. As long as some nodules are controlled properly, they can coexist with the human body for a long time and will not affect the body.However, if it is cut or using the remedy without authorization, it will lead to recurrence of nodules and increase the possibility of evil change.

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