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There are red dots next to the penis and itching pictures


Next to the penis usually refers to the position of the penile foreskin. There is a red dot and itching here is usually caused by foreskin balanitis.

When a pathogenic infection or non -infectious factors occur in the penile foreskin, local itching, redness and swelling, etc. can occur, and can be treated with drugs or surgery.


Foreskin balanitis is caused by a variety of pathogen infections such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Common pathogens include white Candida, chlamydia, mycoplasma, and golden gifacia.In addition, allergic reactions caused by trauma, drugs, etc., or shower gels, condoms and other foreign material stimuli, these non -infectious factors may also induce foreskin balanitis.


Patients with foreskin balanitis may have discomfort such as scorching pain at the foreskin balania. The foreskin can also see the inside of the foreskin and the congestion and swelling of the penile head.Sometimes itching and rash performance, such as red dots, etc.There may also be ulcers, erosion, and even bleeding in the severe skin lesions.


Patients can use the doctor’s advice to use drugs and other drugs for treatment.If necessary, surgical treatment such as foreskin circulation can also be performed with the help of a doctor.

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