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There are so many male infertility. What causes male infertility?

Everyone should not be unfamiliar with infertility. In the early years, there were all kinds of small advertisements about infertility, and it was a thousand thousand households. Although people often hear infertility, there are still a lot of misunderstandings. One of the relatively large misunderstandings is that there are very few people in the infertility.

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In fact, there are many infertility people. According to the WHO survey, 15%of the nursery couples have infertility. In some areas of developing countries, this data can be as high as 30%. Infertility, half of the causes of men and women.

With the increase of the number of infertility people, more and more people want to understand why infertility occurs. Let’s find out today. However, before that, it is necessary to determine what is male infertility.

What is male infertility? You should understand

According to the WHO regulations, the husband and wife did not take any contraceptive measures for more than 1 year. For men, the woman was infertile, that is, a male infertility.

What causes male infertility?

Congenital abnormalities

Including but not limited to chromosomal or genetic abnormalities, Keshic syndrome, XX male syndrome, XXY syndrome, Noonan syndrome, Y chromosomal micro -lack, cryptor test, androgen dysfunction.

Endocrine abnormalities

Mainly, hormone imbalances in the body damage patients’ fertility function, common diseases include hypothalamic brain disease (such as promotional gonadotomy deficiency, congenital low -proliferation gonadotropin syndrome), pituitary diseases (such as insufficient pituitary function, high prolactin leather), and internal internal Disciplinary or exogenous hormone abnormalities (such as excessive glucocorticoids, hyperthyroidism or loss of thyroid function).

Infectious factors

Men’s reproductive tract infection has a certain correlation with male infertility. This infection can lead to the obstruction of the vasal pipeline, the formation of anti -sperm antibodies, and abnormal semi -slurry.

Immune factors

2%-10%of infertility is related to immune factors, while anticons antibodies are important causes of immune infertility.

Testicular trauma

Testicles are traumatized, which can easily lead to testicular atrophy, stimulate abnormal immune reactions, and cause infertility.

Sexual dysfunction

Common factor of infertility such as loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation dysfunction, etc.


In men’s infertility, there are one type of infertility called male specialty infertility, which refers to infertility patients who cannot find the exact cause. According to statistics, up to 60%-75%of patients cannot find the cause.

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Reference materials:

“Guidelines for Men’s Infertility and Treatment”

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