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There are three major incentives for prostatitis to prevent prostatitis in mind the “5 points”

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The prostate is the most loyal guard of men and the most vulnerable to bacteria. At all ages, men will face harassment of prostate diseases, as common as a cold. In these prostate diseases, prostatitis is the most common type. So, what are the causes of prostatitis? How to prevent prostatitis?

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Three causes of prostatitis

Infection 1. Infection of various pathogenic microorganisms

Viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydia, bacteria, spirals, fungi, trichomonas and other microorganisms can cause disease. Patients’ resistance was severely lost and fungal prostatitis occurred. The main ways of prostatitis are urinary tract infections. Ueinel -infecting urine spreads from retrograde from the urethral prostate to the prostate duct, causing bacterial inflammation.

Inception 2. Life factors

Normal sexual life, such as frequent sex, masturbation, excessive drinking of sexual life, long -seated, bicycles, horses, etc., can cause prostate blood recharge, which is closely related to the onset. Interrupting and excessive sexual life can cause prostate blood recharge, which is the cause of prostatitis. Under normal circumstances, cold can cause the sympathetic nerve activity of the prostate, leading to increased pressure in the urethra, hindering excretion, and the prostate pipes also hinder excretion due to contraction, causing stasis and congestion. In addition, the frequency of prostate massage is too large and excessive force, which can also cause the prostate hematopoietic edema.

Inferently 3. Psychological factors

Unhealthy psychological activities such as anxiety, irritability, and depression can make the human body’s immune level decrease. As a result, a person with a long -term suppression of emotions, his blood in his blood is lower than that of normal people. He suffers from a cold and stomach stomach. Ulcers, prostatitis, and even cancer are more likely to be much greater than normal people.

The “5 points” for preventing prostatitis

To some extent, men’s aging starts with the prostate. The body is still very strong, but it has an endless feeling when urinating, and even slightly painful, which is an alert from the prostate. If you don’t want to have prostatitis, do prevent work as soon as possible and remember the “5 points” of preventing prostatitis!

First, insulation with tobacco and alcohol: Clinical studies have shown that nicotine can stimulate excessive secretion of prostate and induce inflammation. Alcohol can promote capillaries, cause congestion and edema of prostate tissue, and cause discomfort. Alcoholism also affects testosterone secretion.

Second, daily bowel movements: The rear of the prostate is the rectum. Under normal circumstances, there is almost no stool in the rectum, but constipation patients will have stools in the rectum. Many bacteria will affect the surrounding organs through the rectal mucosa, and it will also affect the prostate.

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Third, there must be things that are not spicy: a lot of active substances in the peppers will stimulate the prostate, leading to long -term repeated congestion, ejaculation pain, urethral burning, and poor urination.

Fourth, we must move more: driving for a long time, riding bicycles, wearing tight pants, etc., like sitting for a long time, will directly compress the prostate, causing glandular congestion.

Fifth, urination: The lower section of the male urethra usually parasitizes bacteria. When urination, these bacteria are washed away. Frequent urination will weaken the scouring effect of urine, increase the breeding of bacteria, and retrograde to the posterior urethra, which may cause prostatitis.

There are three major incentives for prostatitis to prevent prostatitis in mind the “5 points”
There are three major incentives for prostatitis to prevent prostatitis in mind the “5 points”
$19.82 $24.77
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