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There are three small recipes for middle -aged men to protect the liver

According to statistics, the average life expectancy of men in the world is 77 years old, of which 7 years will spend in severe or chronic diseases, and men’s chances of cancer are 70%higher than women. The editor reminded that when he was young, he used health to change money, and people should pay more attention to health to middle age. It is time to change health.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney is the innate foundation, and elderly men who are old and deficient in the kidneys to proper kidney nourishing kidneys are understandable, and middle -aged men do not have to go to this excitement. However, the liver is different. It is mainly leaked and hijo, and it is smooth. If the liver qi is uncomfortable, the human qi and blood operation will be disordered, causing diseases such as digestion disorders and hypertension. At the same time, middle -aged men are in the “cusp” of their careers and families. They have great psychological pressure and mental depression, which can easily cause symptoms such as discharge, irritability, irritability, anxiety, and loss of appetite. If there is a problem with the liver, it will affect the whole body and even threatens life.

So, how to protect the liver? Health experts gave 3 suggestions:

“Gold Point” 1: Diet and liver protects the liver

There are two major points of diet protection: first, preferably foods for food supply to meet the physiological needs of the liver; the other is to pay attention to food hygiene to prevent bacteria and viruses from invading the liver.

Nutritionists tell us that five major types of nutrients, including protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and mineral elements in the human body, are also necessary for the liver. However, the liver needs more protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins, and excessive fat is rising to cause fatty liver, which must be appropriately restricted. To this end, I suggest you penetrate the following details in the daily recipe: Xiaobian recommends: naked men are healthier

Milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, soy products and other foods, daily dietary rotation arrangements, provide sufficient high -quality protein for the liver.

Proper consumption of glucose, sucrose, honey, juice and other easy -to -digest monosaccharides and bicosecape foods to increase liver glycogen reserves.

Yeast is rich in B vitamins and must not be left out.

Hawthorn contains bear fruit acid, which can reduce the deposition of animal fat on the wall of the blood vessels. It has a certain effect of preventing or reducing arteriosclerosis. If you usually eat some fresh hawthorn, drink with dry hawthorn water, or add hawthorn when stewed meat, both seasoning and help digestion.

Green tea clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating food and dissolution; chrysanthemums flat liver; roses to relieve liver and relieve depression. Drinking this type of tea is beneficial to the liver.

Wolfberry nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the liver, or make tea, or stew soup, or porridge.

Nuts such as walnut kernels and happy fruits often eat the liver to relieve qi and relieve anxiety.

People with yellowing and not sleeping, such as lack of liver qi, may wish to eat livestock liver liver once a week to receive the effect of “nourishing the liver with the liver”.

Avoid alcohol and all spicy and irritating foods. Avoid fried and dry food.

Remove food pollution, including pesticide residues of vegetables, fruits; some food additives, such as flour increase agents, preservatives; smoked grilled foods and metamorphic foods, such as rotten ginger, red Lantern Festival, long bud potatoes, etc. Countermeasure: Try to buy vegetables that are polluted with pesticide pollution or are not used in pesticides, and clean it with water. Eating melon fruit peel. Try to eat less or do not eat foods with additives, such as canned food. Stay away from smoked and deteriorated food.

Drink plenty of boiled water. Keep boiled water fresh, 3 to 4 times a day, 1 small bowl each time. Putting boiled water can increase circulating blood volume, increase the vitality of liver cells, and benefit the elimination of metabolic waste and receive liver protection.

“Gold Point” 2: Sleep and liver protects the liver

The human body is lying during sleep, the liver can enjoy more blood irrigation, and the body is resting, the liver burden is the lightest, so the high -quality sleep liver protection effect is significant. Conversely, poor sleep quality, especially sleep disorders, is easy to affect liver function. Medical experts have noticed that sleep disorders called sleep respiratory suspension syndrome can cause liver damage.

Syndrome refers to the short stop of respiratory due to the shortness of breath caused by the stenosis of the tongue and the vertical tract of the suspended Yongyong vertex during sleep. According to medical data, about 32%of the patient with severe sleep respiratory suspension occurred liver abnormalities, and liver damage was directly proportional to the severity of respiratory suspension. Further studies have found that this liver damage is related to hypoxia caused by sleep apnea and insulin resistance.

It is not difficult to understand that to improve the quality of sleep, the first one is to actively treat sleep disorders, such as insomnia, sleep respiratory suspension syndrome, etc. Secondly, do not engage in work that consumes too much brainpower at night, and do not stay up late. Some people are not good at staying up late and sleeping. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people’s sleep in one day is the most important. One is at noon (from 11 am to 1 pm), and the other is the child (11 pm to 1 am). The time of hematopo use, the most blood flowing through the liver is conducive to the repair of the liver function. In other words, you have to grasp the nap and night sleep, especially at night sleep, it is best to go to bed before 10 o’clock in the evening to ensure that you sleep at about 11 o’clock to pave the way for the repair of the liver function. You know: What is a man to prevent impotence?

“Gold Point” 3: Sports and liver protection

Actively engaged in physical exercise is another effective way to protect the liver, because exercise can reduce excessive body weight, prevent obesity, eliminate the harm of excessive fat to the liver, can promote gas exchange, accelerate blood circulation, ensure that the liver can get more. Oxygen and nutrients.

From the perspective of the liver protection, one must choose a good place for sports venues to take a wide field, open vision, and fresh air. Such as jogging, fast walking (about 110 ~ 120 steps per minute), riding bicycles, up and down stairs, climbing, playing badminton, kicking tadpoles, shooting balls, dancing, skipping rope, swimming, Taijiquan, etc. Once once a day, it lasts 20 to 30 minutes each time, and it is advisable to disappear within 10 ~ 20 minutes after exercise. In addition, liver protection and health exercises are also beneficial. The practice is–

The first step is to rub the Dun acupoint. Sit with a cake end, barefoot, press the right foot with your left thumb to press the right foot Dun acupoint (outside the root of the large toenail), the left rotation is pressed 15 times, and the right rotation is pressed 15 times. Then press the left foot with your right hand, the method is the same as before.

Step 2, press Taichong acupoint. Sit with a cake end, press the right foot of the right foot with the left thumb (between the first and second toe bones) of the right foot, press the gap between the bone seam and slide back and forth, and do it 20 times. Then press the left foot with your right hand, the method is the same as before.

The third step is to rub the acupoints of Sanyin. Sit with a cake end, press the right thumb of the left hand (3 inches on the tip of the interior, the back edge of the tibia), the left rotation 15 times, and the right rotation is pressed 15 times. Then press the left Sanyin acupoint with your right hand, the method is the same.

The fourth step is to push the two ribs. Press your hands under the armpit, push the rib bone gap until your hands are touched and return, and rub it 30 times back and forth.

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